Fortress throws an energetic praise song


Praise and worship songs are not only meant to be slow and sluggishly done as proven by Fortress in its latest gospel song entitled victorious.

The group which comprises of two ladies, Thabi and Tamanda, sings of victory as it comes when one has the backing of God. Praises get better with a danceable instrumentation that has been married to the angelic vocals.

Fortress doing praise songs.

Fortress talks about God’s greatness as manifested in their lives. The presence of God in the singers’ lives empowers them to overcome all villains hence victorious.

The beat just got better with the involvement of DJ Sley. In exercise of his expertise, the award winning producer has crafted the tune in a way that satisfies the soul in terms of the worship and dance.

“Kumadzi ake odikha anditsogolera, ndi moyo wanga ofoka awulimbikitsa, I was born to win and not to suffer, I was born to reign, I was born to prosper,” they sing.

The group members live outside Malawi, Thabi is based in South Africa and Tamanda in the United States of America. Place of basis could not stop the clique from doing music the Malawian way.

Use of the vernacular language Chichewa, on a local production by home grown audio producer, Sley, all affirms recognition for their roots.

Thabi and Tamanda who are naturally enthusiastic felt the need to praise the creator while shouting victory in a way that sends the imprisoned souls into dance.