Son hacks father to death


A 21-year-old man in Mchinji is in police custody after killing his own father on suspicion that the father bewitched him as a ritual to acquire wealth.

Mchinji Police Station Kaitano Lubrino has identified the suspect as Peter Frederick who killed his 40-year-old father Fredrick Jeulani on Saturday.

According to Lubrino, preliminary investigations have established that Peter Fredrick who is epileptic had been complaining and accusing his father to be responsible for his sickness arguing that he was used as a ritual.

“As a result the suspect has been seeking an opportune time for him to eliminate his father,” said Lubrino.

On this fateful day, the father got home and went straight to bed.  At around 6pm the suspect sneaked into the house and hacked the father four times on the left side of the neck with an axe. He died on the spot.

Later the suspect handed himself to law enforcers at Kapiri Police Unit while the body of the deceased was taken to Kapiri Mission Hospital where cause of death was established to be a result of severe loss of blood due to soft tissue injury.

The suspect Peter Frederick hails from Kiliati village in the area of Traditional Authority Dambe in Mchinji and will appear before court soon to answer murder charges.



  1. The son must rot in jail. Who told him that his own father bewitched him? Tiyeni tisiye kuganiza ngati anthu oluza.

  2. tikusowekela uzimu wa umunthu.. i feel sorry when i hear the murdering thngs.. We need deliverance and timudziwe Mulungu tikateloro tizakhala anthu a chikondi pa wina ndi nzake just as God loves us.

  3. Media media media… A 21 year old Man et! Zikakhala zogwilira ndie a 21 years old girl/pupil si choncho? Mumudziwe Ambuye inu.

  4. For sure the main problem that Malawi as a country and the whole world is facing now is not the people of the likes of George Thindwa who are promoting securer humanism but the problem is superstitution that is orchestrated by ignorance and illiteracy.

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