Opposition parties urged to end wrangles

Lazarous Chakwera

A political scientist in the country has advised opposition parties to sort out disagreements in their various parties in order for them to get into power.

Wonderful Mkhutche
Wonderful Mkhutche: Opposition parties must clean their houses.

This is coming at a time when the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) has predicted that President Peter Mutharika of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is going to win the 2019 presidential elections as rivals are too divided.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche from the Chancellor College said if the opposition parties wants to get into power they need to put their houses in order.

“The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) say that the opposition is divided, it is true. If the opposition wants to get into power it needs to unite but in Malawi politics, that is easily said than done,” said Mkhutche.

He added that since EIU is a credible source it might be true that the DPP will win the 2019 elections but the challenge is one cannot predict human behaviour or attitude.

He further said that the EIU findings are showing where the ruling DPP stands   now and not concluding what will happen in 2019.

According to the political scientist, in Malawi elections are a game of numbers.

Lazarous Chakwera
The MCP has been crippled by infighting.

“Elections are a game of numbers, especially in Malawi. Civil Society Organisations and the opposition parties may say government is failing but if they have not proved this to the voters DPP will be assured of another mandate,” he said.

People’s Party president Joyce Banda has been abroad since she lost the 2014 general elections and according to the prediction by the EIU it will be hard for Banda to reunite the party.

On the other hand the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is having internal wrangles that are failing to cease whilst the United Democratic Front (UDF) is still under the ruling DPP.