MEC to use 50+1 in 2019

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has disclosed that it will adopt the 50+1 percent system for electing presidential candidates during the 2019.

Jane Ansah
Justice Jane Ansah: Parliament needs to approve the law.

According to MEC, Parliament’s decision on the proposed law will help the electoral body prepare for the new system that aims at bringing confidence in elected leaders.

Speaking after electoral stakeholders meeting in Lilongwe on Tuesday, MEC chairperson Justice Jane Ansah said if Parliament delays in approving the law, the system will be used after 21 May 2019 polls in Malawi.

“The change in our laws will help us have time to prepare, we are just waiting for the Parliament so that we can adopt the system,” said Ansah

The special law commission adopted the use of fifty plus one electoral system arguing that the current system is marred with challenges on confidence on the leaders elected.

Commentators have been arguing that the current system leaves a lot of question marks for citizens.



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  1. Members of Parliament game ndi imeneyitu 50 +1 ndiye ikufunika osati 36% mwamva? Maso ali painu kumeneko mukapanga zibwana mpando simudzawuwonanso

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