Govt warns foreigners against buying maize in Malawi


The Malawi Government has warned foreign nationals who are buying yet to be harvested maize in the country that they will be punished.


Dausi issues stern warning against foreigners buying maize farms in Malawi.

Minister of information and communications technology Nicholas Dausi made the warning following reports that foreign traders are coming into the country and buying maize from farmers whilst it is still in the field.

Dausi who is also government spokesperson said there is no way there can be fair trade when one buys maize whilst it is still in the field.According to Dausi, farmers cannot estimate the maize and set a price whilst the maize is not harvested.

He said people who will be found doing such malpractices will face the law as the act is evil and cannot be condoned.

“Those who are coming from other countries buying maize whilst it is immature must know that it is evil and unacceptable and if anyone is found doing that they will face the law,” said Dausi.Meanwhile, government has appealed to chiefs, village headmen, the church, and civil society organisations to help in finding such people so that they should be apprehended.



  1. I hope the Minister will walk the talk because we have seen already Burundians buying not only maize while in the field but also rice in Nkhotakota and Karonga thereby making the commodities un affordable to local Malawians. Look what is happening with the groundnuts, a Malawian can hardly afford to buy our own ground nuts because all the ground nuts are bought and exported by the Burundians. Are we really serious with our food security. Where on earth can a foreigner have an advantage over an indigenous? It is only in Malawi where this practice is common. If we can not afford basic needs like groundnuts, rice, maize then are we serious about our nutrition issues? I you visit areas like Mgona in Lilongwe, Msungwi, Dzenza, Msundwe, Mitundu, Nanjiri, Chimwaza, you find all the markets flooded with Burundians! Where are the law enforcers. Is this happening in the name of free trade. If yes, then forget about combating malnutrition because all the commodities are being exported. Please help.

  2. Tauzen apolice nd ACB apite kunyumba kwa Dausi akapange chpkeshen…Iwe Dausi ukamuuze CHAPONDA zopusazo,,kuli chmanga chot angagule anthu kuno,, inu mesa ndamene mubera amalaw.?

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