Nyasa Guruz return still on the radar


Malawi’s dormant band Nyasa Guruz will mark their much awaited return into the music zone in a few months’ time.

Nyasa Gurus have been silent for about 8 years something which continues to raise suspicions about its disbandment. This is despite some members’ continued assurance about the group’s existence.

Last year, an incomplete Nyasa Guruz made a surprise appearance during the Urban Music Party event at College of Medicine. Three of the members were invited onstage by Blackjack who is also part of the team, when he was performing as a solo artist.

The question from the public has always been, for how long should we wait for Nyasa Guruz’s return? In an interview with Malawi24 on Monday Blackjack gave hope to the band’s fans.

Blackjak says Nyasa Guruz will hit the ground soon.

He said considering the gravity of the project, there is need for much time and concentration. He added that, with the pace they are working, their first singles will be ready by April.

“This is a big project. It demands a lot of time and concentration. Further still am doing a parallel solo project and some of our members are not in the country.

“At the pace we are working we can say first singles will be ready by April,” he said.

Nyasa Guruz is part of pioneers of local urban music. The group released an all hits album, Nthawi, mid-last decade. Some of their hit songs are Suzi, Tumpale, Fisi, and Nthawi.

In their long absence Blackjack who is also a renowned television personality, has been engaging the studio on solo projects. In January he dropped his first single in the year 2017 titled Ndakusowa.

The man in dreadlocks has since hinted on releasing his next single on 20th March.