Wendy Harawa showers money on Zambian music star

Wendy Harawa

Malawi’s female singer Wendy Harawa left a mark in neighbouring Zambia on Friday having supported that country’s top musician with thousands of money during his album launch.

Harawa who was in attendance during T Bwoy’s album launch at Hollywood City Night Club in Lusaka, provided the highlight of the show as she bought a CD at ten times its price.

The CD was going at 100 Zambian Kwacha which is about 800 Malawian Kwacha. This proved beyond affordable for the Malawian lady that she coughed 1000 Zambian Kwacha which is almost 80,000 in Malawi currency.

Wendy Harawa
Wendy Harawa splahses cash in Zambia.

She bought the album in front of multitude that thronged the nightclub. As the saying goes, good works must be praised in public, T Bwoy expressed his gratitude in front of the Hollywood city audience.

“Wendy Harawa from Malawi bought my CD for 1000 Kwacha in front of everyone in Hollywood when I was only selling it for 100 Kwacha,” he praised.

Wendy is not new to Zambia having spent some years in the neighbouring country. Her music career also covers collaborations with Zambian top musicians.

The veteran songstress recently relaunched her career with a gospel song, Ambuye Ndionetseni. The song is currently enjoying downloads on local music sites.



  1. Kod nkhani mukungolemba musanafufuze? If zk100 => mk800, how abt zk1000? Masamu ake ngakut amenewa phiri?

  2. You got your Mathematics wrong, if 100 Zambian Kwach is equal to 800 Malawian Kwacha; then K1000 Zambian Kwacha is equal to K8000 Malawian Kwacha and not the K80,000 Kwacha you are talking about.

  3. Ndizake ndalamazo musiyeni munthu nthawi muzilembako nkhani zothandiza zopanda pake ngati zimenezi coz palibe phunziro lililonse tatolamo

  4. Your heading is misleading how on earth can you call MK80,000 ($106) a lot of money.

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