Malawi unemployment: Malawians find gold in Dubai


As Malawians are finding it hard to secure jobs in the country, young people are migrating to Dubai in United Arab Emirates to look for greener pastures.

Although some of the Malawians who have been migrating to foreign countries have been facing challenges, scarcity of jobs in the country is acting as a push factor for the young men to leave for foreign countries.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is gradually matching South Africa in terms of attracting Malawian youth to add to the labour force in the Middle Eastern country.

One of the Malawian youth who is planning to quit the country for Dubai told Malawi24 that he is facing challenges to secure a job in the country despite having Diploma in Information Technology from Lilongwe Technical College.

The young man disclosed that he has tried all means to secure a job related to his qualification but to no avail.

“I tried to source for jobs in the country but I am failing to find one and now I have suggested to leave for Dubai to try my luck,” He said.

The 23 year-old boy added that the idea of Dubai came into his mind because his friends are already there and they are telling him how their fortunes have changed within few months of migrating to the Asian country.

“My friends are now prospering and I am not ranked to them. I am really blaming the country for failing to create more jobs to cage youth,” He said.

A Malawian man who is currently in Dubai, Samuel Boston, hailed the Asian country for its massive economy that makes job opportunities to be abundant.

In his remarks on safety in such a foreign land, the young man said most of the people who are going to Dubai follow proper measures.

“Dubai is not South Africa where most Malawians go illegally. No one goes to Dubai without having a company that act as his agent. This company tells you the type of job that you are going for and the conditions of the job,” Boston said.

He added that if a person is not satisfied with the conditions it is their right to ignore the job offer.

Apart from Dubai in United Arab Emirates, Malawians are currently flocking to countries like Kuwait and South Africa to look for greener pasture.

Last year Malawian women were stranded in Kuwait after they ran away from abusive bosses.

Government recently promised to create 18,000 jobs to reduce high employment in the country.



  1. I am here in the Middle East. You are that there are many opportunities here. Salary ya graduate ku Malawi is earned by a mere labor here doing basic unskilled work. However, i want to tell you those aspiring to come here that life is never easy easy here so you must know before you try. The following must be noted:

    1. Dont expect you will start with an executive job matching your papers. You will begin low, keep your papers (just present them to ur company) and work hard to prove your worthy. When opportunities arise, you become the right candidate. The truth is they dont really know a black man can be as skilled as they are. So when they hire from that side, they hire for low jobs they cant find proper candidates from here (the only African country they hire professionals from is Egypt and Somalia because they are fellow Arabs speaking same language) . But hang on with ur skills and prove them you have the skills and you will make it sooner or later. There many Africans who have now risen to positions.

    2. Be careful with the contract they give you. Watch the agency hiring you. Here once you get in, its hard to get out. Zero chance unless you are really sick. So if your contract is mbola, you will be here with it for atleast two to three years. There two types of contracts. Open ended and closed ones. Open ended has no time specified. You can leave anytime or atleast a year. But closed normally its two to three years. So understand what you are signing before you sign it. I would advise you to contact someone already here to help you decide if its healthy for you.

    3. Ngati mumamwa komanso akazi, zimene kuno muiwale. Once caught you are deported and you will never return ever in your life the whole of Gulf Region. Drugs equals death sentence and kugwira mkazi wa eni ake akuno you will be hanged. So ngati simungathe kulimba khalani konko. Anzanu ndi awa atsikana akuthawa from Kuwait wa, sakulimba kukhala opanda amuna. Ena sikuti akuzunsika but akufuna zambiri. Pali anzawo ambirimbiri they are quite happy and making money bwino bwino.

    4. Patience is important. Dont expect you will make riches overnight. You will have a salary yes yoti pa Malawi level ndiwe munthu, but as for here, its nothing. So dont compete with others here. Take your time. Atleast after two to three years, you will see things changing.

    5. Here you dont just resign anyhow as we do in Malawi. You follow the law. Company yakubwelesayo, u work for it until you finish the agreed time. Apo biiii amakubwezani and simuzalowanso in the gulf. Kulinso ma part time, its illegal. Akakupezani amagwira apolice and they deport you. Simple.

    6. Kulibe zo vencha kuno ngati ku joni. No one comes here illegally. Everyone is legally employed here. So expect to work and finish as per the labour laws. Otherwise they will deport you.

    7. When you commit crime like fornication, adultery, drinking, etc sikuti the police just arrest you nkunkutumizani kwanu. They firstly arrest you into prison for a period of time. There every friday amakakwapupula zikwapu pamatakopa kuti kwapppuuuuu! Kwappuuuu! Ukamaliza period yo, they now send you back. So ngati muli ozochita chita, musabwele. Azakunyongani poyelayela.

    • Wayankhula momveka bwino m’bale. Koma nanga funso ndilakuti bibidayo amapezeka bwanji kapena malo otani poti ndiwoletsedwa?

  2. I wish I can be employed in Dubai as a general worker since Malawi government has not provided enough jobs for young people.i have completed Malawi School Certificate of Education in just staying since then..

    • Completing Malawi School Certificate of Education is not a sign of being educated, sucker! Get a university degree from a recognised institution first and complain later.