Silver Strikers brave muddy pitch to win 5-0

Silver Strikers

Though the pitch was muddy and one they are not used to, Silver Strikers beat Chiponde Hammers of Mangochi 5-0 in a friendly match on Saturday.

Silver Strikers
Silver Strikers arriving at Namwera CDDS Ground

Due to rains that fell for hours since morning, the ground was covered with mud making it more difficult for players to run with a ball.

The spectators paid K500 as entry fee at the ground where organisers used sacks to block the sight for people who failed to pay.

The crowd of soccer lovers at Namwera Community Day Secondary School ground proved that people in the area have a wish that one day they are to sit in the stands of a well-built stadium.

While watching the game inside the ‘stadium’, one soccer lover Mathews Kateleka expressed his wish of seeing the area having a proper stadium with covered stands and a grass pitch.

Namwera CDSS Ground
Namwera CDSS Ground in bad shape hosted the match.

“This is what normally happens whenever there is a match, organizers cover the ground with sacks and we pay K150 at the gate but since today we have a big team that is why we are paying K500.

“I love watching football, I don’t miss watching international matches and I follow all the atmosphere of football in the country and I wish to see this area having a stadium so that we can be enjoying watching the games while seated but also to make the ground friendly to players,” said Kateleka.

Malawi is poor to have stadiums in some places like Namwera yes but when there are reports of billions of money being looted by individuals we feel the country has enough for all Malawians.

If those billions were used for a good course people from this area would have had their own sporting facility or at least any that is near to them.