Ex-Scottish First Minister tips Malawians on ending poverty

Lord Jack McConnell

Former Scottish First Minister Lord Jack McConnell has told Malawians that hardwork is the only secret that can help Malawi come out of poverty.

Lord McConnell who was in the country to commission change of name of Concern Universal to United Purpose said there is need for Malawians to start thinking of being independent.

McConnell said Concern Universal which is now called United Purpose will do everything possible to help Malawians move away from dependence through various programs.

“I think it is fabulous that concern universal has grown over these past nearly 40 years here in Malawi and it is fabulous that they gave to millions of people. That should make us reflect that while there has been some fabulous work going on, while there have been many people supported, the communities and families of Malawi have their own united purpose- they are their own united purpose and they don’t need an organisation trying to give them a helping hand.

Lord Jack McConnell
Lord Jack McConnell at the event.

“And that’s how they should be up and away from the situation and go towards having an independent living to grow on their own.,” said McConnell.

Speaking during a press conference following the change, United Purpose Country Director Heather Marie Campbell said the change of name will help to scale up the organization’s activities and reach more people.

“The launch of a new name has also marked the beginning of 2017-2020 strategic plan which is built on passion, expertise, and unrelenting determination to bring about every greater sustained visible change to many of poorest and most vulnerable communities in the country,” said Campbell.

She said UP has already reached to 1.2 million from 2011 to 2016. Campbell added that the new name represents a new conceptual imagery consistent with development approach in bringing change to millions of Malawians especially the most vulnerable communities.

“Our work will be broken down into four pillars where we will concentrate our efforts and these are livelihoods and food security, water and sanitation, hygiene and healthier lives and sustainable energy and gender equality,” said Campbell



  1. You can tip them or you like but their ears are deaf all. They want is more money which means more Gates, chaponda gate,cash gate,jet gate and many more to come!

  2. Mzunguwe unamva kut ife amalawi sitimazlimbikila? Muliuze boma kut liziona kaye mavuto anthu akumidzi asanabe ndalama zachinthandizo chomwe mumawapasa.

  3. Is that a tip. Hard work? Is there hard workers like
    malawian on earth. Dont you you see that malawians resources are un accessible to use for a simple reason of education and finance which falls in the hands of greedy humans. The ex Scottish shouldn’t have lived in Malawi I guess. Where’s irrigation system to be used with hard work? Rain? Floods? P

  4. Lol… this lady she so funny. ..iwe mmene timazisakila amalawife nde ukufuna tizipanga tizigwila ntchito bwanji… we are not lazy nation we work hard but our leaders the are corrupt. ..

  5. Lol… this lady she so funny. ..iwe mmene timazisakila amalawife nde ukufuna tizipanga tizigwila ntchito bwanji… we are not lazy nation we work hard but our leaders the are corrupt. ..

  6. A lot of countries they know we are hard workers and reliable pple,since longtime.the problem is our corrupt leaders who try to pocket every kwacha that poor hard working Malawians contribute to develope the economy of the country,this is the country where few pple are very rich,and majolity just very poor,the gap is just too wide,

  7. Unless our leaders stops robbing our tax we paid over our goods.its where we can get ride of our poverty.u knw us as malawian we are hardworkers bt the barriers is our leaders

  8. What do you meam are we Malawians lazy ? Who build London its slaves from Africa including us Malawians
    We are cultivating our fields using our own hands not tractors,
    You Donners provide us loan to procure tractors but the tractors endup being shared among ministers
    But loan is to be recovered by us pour pple

  9. Correction again ndiyakhulechichewa ndifeolimbikaa!! Abwana vuto olemerawa alipampikisano omanga,ogulamagalimoto winaakakha pamenepo asolole akabweraso wina ateronso tinakalira pokhapokha dzikoli aliyambireso olengayo mbeuyoipayi itayidwe modzakodwa.

  10. Kkkkkk! let me tell you dis,if you have got a land for farming else where just take a Malawian to prepeare the land.you wil’ see and believe yourself dat we are one of hard workers in de world.

  11. Kuzungaira kwemaZimba

    Friday, February 17, 2017
    If Mugabe dies before election, we will field his corpse – Grace

    Grace Mugabe. Photo credit: AFP

    The wife of 92-year-old Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said Friday that he would be the voters’ choice even after he dies, as she addressed supporters from the ruling ZANU-PF party.

    Grace Mugabe, who is seen as a possible successor to her ailing husband, ratcheted up her colourful rhetoric ahead of the general election due next year.

    “One day when God decides that Mugabe dies, we will have his corpse appear as a candidate on the ballot paper,” Grace Mugabe told a party rally in Buhera, southeast of the capital Harare.

    “You will see people voting for Mugabe as a corpse. I am seriously telling you — just to show people how people love their president.”
    President Mugabe has vowed to stand again in the election, but Grace could run if he dies before the vote.

    Grace Mugabe, who was appointed leader of ZANU-PF’s women’s wing in a surprise move two years ago, is well known for her fiery speeches and verbal attacks on her husband’s opponents. In 2015, she led a campaign which led to the ousting of deputy president Joice Mujuru, accusing Mujuru of fanning factionalism, plotting to topple Mugabe and corruption and bribery.

    President Mugabe, the world’s oldest national leader, turns 93 on Tuesday, with a celebration party planned for next Saturday. Grace has previously pledged to push Mugabe in his wheelchair to election rallies if needed.

    Mugabe, who has been in power since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, has avoided naming a successor and his party is divided between factions jostling to succeed him.

    Grace bemoaned the in-fighting, telling those seeking to succeed her husband: “Let’s not fool each other, let’s wait for God’s time.”

  12. Just to remind you ex minister the country is no longer the same and why many scottish bussines men are no longer invest in this country like it used to be before ? i remember the bus company called UTM latter on was stagecoah , halls garage , Mc Connell as well where are they ? I understand that you know better what is happening in this country that politics has torn the country apart and left the beutful country in ruins interms of economy so by saying we have to work hard you could be right though it sounds like an insult at the sametime people here they work 24 / 7 but nothing changes only cabinet ministers change if you look their bellies

  13. amalawi taziyesakoni kunenako kuyamikirako zabwino zomwe boma lathu lokondedwa ikuchita zoona kumangonena zoipa zokhazokha palibe chabwino boma likuchita?

  14. Malawians are hard working sir, but you need to start telling underperforming governments the truth as well, even rebuke and criticize the government when it is not getting it right.

    If local citizens try to criticize, the government thinks we are just being unpatriotic.

    People are tired, their voices cannot be heard.

  15. Who Told U That Malawians Are Not Hard Workers Dr McConnell? ~ U could Hav asked First Wat The Problem is For The Poverty We(malawians) are in Not 2 Come 2 An end

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    1. The Issue Isn’t About Yr Heathy Status But Its About Wat Dr McConnell Sayed ~ Thanks 4 Letting Us Know Dat U Hav got Cured From Yr Hiv/ Aids

  17. Point of correction sir. Malawians are hard workers. The only problem Malawi has is leadership. Since you Europeans introduced democracy in this country, Malawi has always been decreasing at an increasing rate. Greedy leaders have distorted the wealth of the warm heart of Africa. Finally, I would advise you to find another excuse!

  18. Sorry MR we Malawians we are hard worker but the problem is our government.In our government is same lyk to take rat and put in the bag of groundnuts.We made amistake the tym we were voting.See u 2019 Corruption government,too much thieves in government

  19. Malawians are very hard workers but they work for politicians to to become rich and them continue swimming into this endless poverty, we are very faithful in paying taxes but only proffessinal thieves so called rulling party are enjoying the money,in this case malawi will remain poor till God’s intervetion

  20. Then we work hard and produce enough for us they increase the taxes then take half of ours promising to bring us so so so then they Chapondalise through maize,water,electricity and what have them… damn we need #COMMUNISIM to develop not those round bellied #Liars

  21. talk to the people first mainly the grassroot level and give the best advice you shall be wise….bt how my people are suffering right now ur advice might be an insult…..dont do it again mr minister first or second whatever they call u….

  22. malawians are already hard workers by those leading this nation do not impower them.They(leaders) are just there to fill their potbellies and their families.

    A malawian can go to his small farm early in the morning without even taking a breakfast and having mangoes as breakfast . Digging the soil till sunset. The govt does not want to machinilise this malawian to get out of poverty

  23. so this guy thinks we are poor because we don’t work hard???? kufuna kutukwanidwapo za zii, mxii any way he has never lived in malawi and knows nothing about Malawi and its politicians who are corrupt to the core 🙁

  24. Mr Mc Connell,..we are really hard workers,but this Government,lead by …A P M..is full of thieves,every day we hear from radios,that some countries and donors have given the money to malawi government ,but we dont know exactly where the money goes…even if you can go to the government hospitals theres no drugs..like pain killers,teachers they don’t recieve their pays in time,…we are really working hard to transform our lives,but these government is the one that derailes our effort.

  25. people are hardworking but the resources are misused by those we think can safe guard them ie the gategate syndrome is depleting the resources which could move us out of poverty.

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