Activist hopeful cancer centre will improve care for patients

Chikhulupiliro Ng’ombe

One of the activists raising awareness about cancer in Malawi says the cancer centre government is constructing in Lilongwe will help improve care for cancer patients in the country.

According to the activist Chikhulupiliro Ng’ombe, the prevalence rate of cancer is high in the country as 10,000 new cases are registered and about 700 children are diagnosed annually.

Considering the fact that cancer is taking many lives in the country, government is constructing a cancer centre in Lilongwe.

Speaking to Malawi24, Ng’ombe who is founder and director of Cancer Survivors Quest said the construction of the cancer centre in Lilongwe is a good development as it will improve care for cancer patients.

Chikhulupiliro Ng’ombe
Chikhulupiliro Ng’ombe upbeat cancer centre will bring change.

“We are so emphatic about the construction of the cancer centre underway and we are hopeful that it will improve care of cancer patients and thus allow more survivors in Malawi drastically cutting costs of treatment,” said Ng’ombe.

He advised those suffering from cancer that cancer is a condition which can be cured and there is need for all Malawians to fight it and for those who do not have cancer he said it can be prevented.

Statistics show that 1,600 women and girls in the country are dying of cervical cancer with 2,300 new cases yearly whilst breast cancer remains unknown to many women due to lack of awareness.

On 15th February, the world commemorated International Childhood Cancer Day.


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