Kamuzu Stadium to be demolished: Government to construct new stadium in Blantyre

kamuzu stadium

The Malawi government has maintained it will demolish the Kamuzu Stadium and construct a magnificent new one in the Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre.

According to Minister of Sports, Henry Mussa, government has planned to demolish Kamuzu stadium and construct a new one in the city as a way of beautifying the city.

Mussa said that Kamuzu Stadium has outlived its time and the best thing to do is just to replace it with another one.

“Kamuzu stadium has out outlived its time. We just have to replace it and construct another one,” Said Mussa.

kamuzu stadium
Kamuzu stadium up for demolition.

He added that other projects at Kamuzu Stadium like installing of flashlights had to be discontinued because the stadium has become unsafe and is a threat to the lives of Malawians.

Asked on how government will manage to construct a new stadium amid economic hardships, Mussa said that they will engage private sector in the construction while government will provide the land and will give consideration to waiving import duties.

Mussa is eyeing that the promised new stadium will boost investment in the city of Blantyre since it will be hosting international events.

“Its not about beautifying the city, the facility will also be used by the youth , for sporting activities and most importantly will host various international activities,” Said Mussa.

“The investor can also bring in a casino. The investor will be collecting all gate entry proceeds. Don’t you think such an investment will make money?” Mussa queried.

Commenting on the relying of private investors funding of the new stadium, Economist Ben Kalua expressed doubts about the possibility of private sectors funding the construction of the new stadium, given the scale government debt. Kalua said that government has not been able to raise money by issuing bonds.

“The government does not have credibility with private sector and it will be difficult to get it to partner on such huge project,” He added. President Peter Mutharika earlier last year year promised of beautifying Blantyre city where among among others he said his government will construct a new hotel and stadium.

*Additional reporting by Baxter Mkumba



  1. i got a construction company let me work as a sub-constructor. Good idea.

  2. Why can’t they build a new stadium somewhere within Blantyre,mwina kuzaonako ma team a Bb ndi noma akusewera same day in the same city of Blantyre ina kwina ina kwina,kuti komwe kutazakhale anthu ndikuti

  3. Just construct netball stadium dan wasting money 4 bibi za mpira za team yopanda manyazi pochinyidwayo, you senceless pipo. Just giv our ntchembere mbaye mens uniform to play for men couse ife amuna timango thudzulidwa each &every game shut up.

  4. Mbuzi ndalama zopempha zomwezo mukagwetse stadium yabwinobwino bwanji osapeza malo ena mumange yabwino mukufunayo. Blantyre yonse mabwalo ampira ndi awiri ndiye mukufuna kugwetsa ina kuti mumange ina? Malawi sadzatheka ngati atsogoleri ake aziganiza motere.

  5. That is a historic stadium,why the Ideas for demolishing instead of renewal and build a positive stadium you want to another place? Demolishing that stadium is absolutely wrong and worste of money, that money for demolition why you don’t use it for boosting up an Electric power station for Malawians,to fight against the enconvenient of the power off and on in Malawi,so bad.Govmnt plz think twice

  6. Big up to da government its high tym their should invest in football as its a big business nw worldwide if taken seriously

  7. Zingazakhale bwino kwambiri titammazaloza kuti stadium yathu ndi iyi komanso ya yakale ndi iyo.Kumayiko ambiri, anzathu pomanga zinthu zamakono ngati stadium tikukambayi,samagumula za kale ndocholinga chosunga mbiri ndi chikhalidwe(history)Chonde Boma ngati malo alipo please ingomangani pena.

  8. osamanga ma school bwanji, busy entertaining the nation rather than educating it…osanama ukuku ndikupepela

  9. Thats good news Blantyre deserves a huge stadium and 90 thousand seats am from Blantyre and I love my city too much if you can I achieve this DPP you have my vote come 2019 ,that I have to sa

  10. In Our Country #Zambia, Instead Of Destroying Our Independence Stadium; The Goverment Jst Belt New One Called #Heroes #Stadium Within The City Of Lusaka & I Think Malawians Shud Apply The Same. Remember, It Only Teks A Day 2 Destroy But Building Will Tek Many Years. Wth The Current Enconomy Kaya!!!

  11. Tamverani AMALAWI konse komwe muli! Ine ndi munthu m’modzi wa inu AMALAWI, ofunira dziko lathu zabwino (CHITUKUKO)! Ndithu ndikulira ndikamamva kuti dziko lathu ndilo liri pa mapeto a maiko osaukitsisa pa dziko lapansi! MAU opweteka kwambiri kwa M’MALAWI (nzika) weni-weni wa dziko lathu! BOMA likufuna chitukuko monga tonse tifuna ndipo ambiri apezadi ntchito! AWA NDI MAGANIZO ABWINO! Inde monga anzanga ambiri anena ndemanga zao kuti stediam yatsopano yimangidwe pamalo pomwe pali yakalepo! ngakhale ena anena pa chizungu kuti stediam yakaleyo ndi SHIT! ayi musatero! chifukwa malo ameneo ndi malo amene makolo athu adasonkhana pamodzi misonzi yachisangalalo ikuoneka m’maso ena akupamantha (kuguguda pachifuwa) akuona mbendela yatsamunda ikutsika ndipo ya MALAWI-KWACHA!!!! YIKUKWELA-TAOLOKA M’TSINJE-NDIFE AMALAWI-AUFULU WATHU!! Patsikulo nthungululu zili pakamwa kunalibe wakumwela,wakumpoto angakhale wapakati onse anali mtundu umodzi-AMALAWI!! Ndiye ngati BOMA lasoweka malo gwetsani zamake dzana’zo mwakana(CHIKU

  12. What can’t they just keep it and get a place to build that miserable thing….Chichiri stadium is a place of importance it can be used as a heritage site

  13. Demolishing and start constructing it wl cost alot and take time its beta a nu one locate another place. This area adjacent to Gadaffi Hospa bfore Kameza round about can be ideal place osamanga kutchire. tikamadutsa tiziiona

  14. Thats good idea coz stadium is one of our income generation just take alook on how much money did they get on our first match at bingu stadium and what about if we got more stadium

  15. As if the government has money.. give people employment, distribute wealth, make malawians rich n watch them constract stadium for their own clubs.

  16. The best way govt is to rehabilitate the stadium to match modern standards. The govt of Malawi o. Its own can not be able to fund the construction of a new stadium due to rampant corruption and lack of political will. If it is falling to fund energy sector what more with a stadium.

  17. Build two new stadium one in BT and another one in Mzuzu , may be one day we can also host African cup of nations.please bwana father leader president

  18. Constractive idea big welcome development,even capetown they are demolishing old building replacing with morden,in order to uplift the face of the city why not in Malawi where we have too many old buildings

  19. Za chaka chiti? Nde ma international games si mpaka 4yrs kuti tizaonele, en mukazaiyambamo muzalemele nkuba ndalama kaye isanathe en ikazathamo izizakuvutani kusegulira

  20. kaboma kanu kachamba heavy and kasankho 2mch,,,why osaganizila anthu aku mpoto kumene kumachoka anthu oziwa mpira wa myendo ndi wamanja????,,,,kukamangila nkhanga kut zizikaikila madzila zosaziwa kumenya mpira?,,,,malawi sazatukukapo chifukwa cha sankho,,,,unless mutamanga stadium yapamwamba ku north so that chigawo chilichonse kukhale ma stadium…muona sipangapite 6 yrs Afcon kut apangile kuno,,,afifa amaonakaye zigao zonse za dziko kut ma stedium alibwanj mpamene amalola kut dziko ili likhoza kupangisa mpikisano wa maiko onse amu africa koma na kumalawi kuno aaaah prsdent Mbuzi,ma minister mbuzi nkhuku sankho

  21. Is it the Malawi government itself? i doubt all this money that has been stolen.It only needs to raise taxes to generate more to steal more.Cashgate too much.If money is there,build another one than demolishing the structure that is already standing.Any way because this government does not listen to people’s views it is going to go ahead with its unwelcome idea

  22. There is no need to demolish kamuzu stadium, just renovate it to its original condition,construct the new one somewhere else in Malawi.in that case you can increase the number of pitches and can hope kuti one day we host confederation African football here in Malawi

  23. May be the government wants the new stadium to bear the name of the current head of state as one of his achievements.if not so y can’t they just leave it and built another one right there in BT?

  24. Hey we go 2019 presidential campagn has just started. The one who is going to build it is going to be the 3rd president, starting from this current one #malawi

  25. Demolishing and build another one in Blantyre ??????? Why demolishing??? Are they going to use Kamuzu staduim property in Blantyre?? Are they going to rebuid where Kamuzu stadium is??? Why not just build another one there in Blantyre and leave Kamuzu Stadium as it is? Are they going tobuild

  26. Chonde musandionongere zithu za a ngwanzi chifukwa ndi zodalilika chonde just find another place kuti mumangepo ZANU za tchainazo aah inu mwatani kodi

  27. The best would be to construct a new stadium somewhere and leave this one , after all its not all that bad. It can still be used for low profile games and functions.

  28. apayu tinene mosaopa Mangani ina sitediyamu iyi yakale bailekani CHONCHO ngati chili chiswe chidzagwetse..komaso ngati ma lo A kusowa ndikhonza kukamba ndi wagogo anga uko kwathu ku chilomoni aulele atha kupezeka

  29. I dont think they can manage that. It will be another version of Nsanje port. Construct the new one somewhere and leave the old one as it is

  30. That’s very great indeed, we like such good developments, do not forget we Dont have a executive bus depot in Lilongwe, Lilongwe bus depot is full of dirt ,So disgusting, if you can’t build Park station why Dont you build Good bus depot in Lilongwe?

  31. Kupusa yai zengani waka yinyuwani asaa tundalama nato mulijeso

  32. Why dont u just leave that one and find new place to construct new one than than demolish the exiting one

  33. The idea of demolision is bad and poor, why not build thier own.? if they demolish were will history be? . Bringing magnificent issue is good but not demolishing as they did in Lilongwe with the first DC building

  34. Chanzeru palibe , why demolish kamuzu legacy ? Tel me, wil you name it kamuzu stadium also ? You better construct a new stadium and leave kamuzu stadium alone , ngat ku bt kulibe malo okwanira go somewhere else kaya kumpoto, think twice dont mix with politics because after all they wil name it APM STADIUM.

    And the memories. of old Kamudzu stadium will be. Kept in. Mizeum for the future. Young generations. To see. The new stadium must remain

  36. The name Kamuzu can’t die. How many structures bearing “Kamuzu” do we have in this country? And it has just been said that government will construct a new stadium, and nothing on what it shall be called.

  37. Zachinyengo poti zayambika kale,e’g,,, ministry ya sports yapereka ndalama zokwana 5million Rand KU company ya KU RSA kuti idzachotse ma floodlights okha basic(2).Kkkkkk….

  38. Get your heads straight here. We Lacking stadiums. Why not find another place and build the stadium while this is been used with local games. Koma amalawi.

  39. Paja andunawa amakoka fodya wamkulu ndiye mwina kulankhulaku ndizomwezo.kkkkkkk.

    1. unamanga ndiwe bt kapena ndiyakunyumba kwako?panga zako wamva?Do not take bt as your fathers’ property.It is for all Malawians.

    2. if ku mzuzu ndikutchile why ambuyako ndiabamboako amapita ku mzuzu kukalima (utenant)fodya?,,,,nkhanga zawanthu inu

  40. Why demolish existing infrastructure rather than to expand infrastructure by building a new stadium somewhere else in Blantyre……Kamuzu stadium can be used to develop rugby,cricket talents and other sports…….sometimes you wonder how these politicians think,they use their bums to think.

  41. Bad or good opinions my thought is make it the new one coz we do not want to collapse during the match, and also its guaranteed already finished long time people please get understand in order to save your life and others as well, come on guys think twice.

  42. Tangopezan malo ndikumanga ina osat kugwesa . Ikhalepo kma muzangoikhoza apo ndi apo. Mukatero afcon tizapangako host pa Malawi pano. Please please musaigwese pexan malo maganizo abwino ameneo

  43. ingomangani ina basi kugumula kokha kutchotsa almost 8million ndimasamu anu akumeko aja.look south Africa lofitas and lucas molipe stadium its near by just few minutes to drive koma inu mukufuna pobela mpaka musasule ndiye kumanga mpaka 2021

  44. Stadium gate on the way. Fade up with the tsotsiz. Better do it right. Don’t give this project to be under corrupt monkeys.

  45. Thus brilliant Idea but my opinion stands on why not remaint Kamuzu stadium and find some where to build the new one eg mjamba/zomba/mangochi. Please take note this is historical place n the design of the stadium itself tells history.

  46. Why not build somewhere while we use the existing stadium. Then in future they can renovate kamuzu. That we add more recreation facilities then we can have more sports like cricket, rugby, etc than to have one stadium that will accommodate many sports at same time

  47. kuzabedwenso ndalama zochuluka, osangomanga inayo bwanji? ozaphwasula yakaleyo afuna azalipidwenso ndalama omanga yatsopanoyo akufunanso ndalama, apa ndiye pazadusa kuba. zina zija zikunama, ine muzangondisungila matumba 200 wokha asumenti dolla ilipo osadanda. SHIT HAPPEN!!!!!

  48. dont demolish it its our history what kamuzu did to us instead construct another onei n BT ….but also we need modern stadium n airport in northern Malawi

  49. munthu waku Malawi ndi wosiyana ndi mtundu uliwonse wa anthu world wide. zoona mukung’ung’uza nkhani yake iyiyi? osangoyamikira bwanji? si chitukuko chikufunikacho chimenecho?

  50. Why not build another at Mnjamba park instead of demolishing Kamuzu stadium? Leave that country’s soccer maker alone! its a historical one like others in Europe eg Arsenals highburry which is still there

  51. Mumange ina apo pakameza iyi mungopanga renovation ndikuigulitsa kwa Bforward wanderes basi koma osati kugwetseratu cause tilibe kale ma sports facilities ndiye pofunika kumachita plus not minus

  52. why not build at upper stadium instead of to demolished kamuzu stadium, they can build next to other like they did here in south Africa moses mabhida stadium next to absa stadium it’s part of developing country if you demolish kamuzu stadium it means you need only one stadium in Blantyre

    1. kodi anthu sakuvetsa pati. ndani angagumule stadium ya bwino chifukwa choti afuna kumanga ina? Kamuzu stadium life span yake inatha ndipo nthawi iriyose izagwa. nkhawa yomwe iripo ndiyoti itha kuzagwa muli anthu ndiye popewa zosenzi igwetsedwe amange ina simple. remember a FIFA anailetsa ife tinapita kukaika malata kuti anthu azikhala mmusi.koma konseku ndikusimidwa chifukwa tiribe stadium ina kuno ku mmwera

  53. Chimene mukowonongaera ndalama chiyani?ma puleya a superlige kumalawi amafa aliasouka kamba kolipidwa mochepa mmatimu awo thats why mpira ku mlw sumapita patsongolo.ndalama zimenezi palibwino mukanapatsa a netball

  54. Stadium zakwana,, masewera ake ndiati woti muzingoonongera ndalama,,wonani zinthu zina monga njala,magetsi,mankhwala osati zampira,,,kulibe masewera ku malawi

  55. Guys Gabon is the country of less than two million people but look at their stadiums ,world class stadiums.Kamuzu has to be demolished but don’t change the name.

  56. Akagumula kuti amange ina achita bwino koma mosakayika patenganso dzaka zina 20 kuti stadium imeneyo imangidwe. Zikatero anthu a mu Blantyre muyiwale kuwonera mpira ndi zina zotero mpakana zaka madzanamadzana mtsogolo muno.

  57. Lets start with mzuzu stadium,kamuzu stadium ibakhala kaye choncho angositha artificial turf ayike ina basi,ilipoyi life span yake yatha,stadium idakali bwino ino just do the maintaince work.

  58. If its reconstruction that’s welcome but totally demolishing for nothing is not a god Idean,,,,,just remove parts that are dangerous and leave the surface. …..

  59. some got selfish ambitions. .thy say let it be like that and build another 1 within the southern region. . how many stadiums do you want to have within the region? ? why let not the govt construct huge one to accommodate much ppo?? lather than having so many stadiums. . go to the Northern Region and see for yourself the Mzuzu Stadium yet we claim that Northern Region is a dominant football and netball Producer. but with poor Stadium. think equality and appreciave guyz

  60. Good idea! Why put a patch on another patch! Why should we be using only part of the stadium. Tikamaganiza nthawi zonse zoti ndalama zibedwa, m’Malawi muno sitichita chitukuko. Kumene muliko mudziwe kuti abwana anuwo akukuberaninso. Wakuba samusiyira munda.

  61. I Think Anthu Ena Amaganiza Ngati Ntchentche.

    Did You Ask Big Teams Kuti Sangakwanitse Kupanga Renovate Kuti At The End Stadium Ixakhale Yawo?

    Chavuta Ndi Chani Kungopexa Malo Ena Nkumangapo Stadium Mukufunayo?

    Komanso Kunakakhala Kwabwino Stadium Yo Mukaimangire Ku Mzuzu.Sadaoneko Stadium Ya Magetsi Ever Since.Bt Have Kamuzu Stadium,LL have bingu stadium,its now mzuzu’s turn.and name its bwampini stadium

  62. Zoti mungomanga inazo iyayi? Kungozolowera kusokesa zovala zakale basi. Zachamba ayi kumeneko eti, ndalama mwapasidwa zija ndizambili mwamva tisayambane

  63. Am not agreeing with the said suggestion,we dont have good stadiums already,the best the Govt should do is to identify a new site for the construction of the new stadium as that of Bingu Nation Stadium here in the southern region

  64. Why can’t they build a new stadium somewhere within blantyre instead of demolishing kamuzu stadium coz imeneyo imatikumbutsa chitukuko chomwe kamuzu adachita

    1. I feel sorry for your unappreciated comment. that one is not a museum brother. and we can never have a museum while we are heading for development. . it’s a building which was created for football. nde chikakugwerani muzizati Boma la satanic silikufuna kusintha zinthu.. we need world class infrastructures maybe nafenso nkuzapangitsako AFCON kwathu kuno

    2. Thanx 4 informing me that it was not constructed by kamuzu,i thot it was him who constructed it.Musayankhule zambiri coz munabadwa kale kale.Enafe tinabadwa nthawi ya Bakili Muluzi & i’m not a boy infact i’m a girl so stop ur bro or dude thing.

    3. Olo adakakhala kut adamanga kamuzu sikuti panali chazeru kusiya chinthu choti life span yake inatha ndi cholinga kuti muzikumbukira. Ndi chifukwa chake kuli museum

    4. Yes, if u do so pliz Government it’s gud. Build another STADIUM there tek out that old n’ FAM President must go, he don’t kno hiz Job

    5. They must build another stadium before destroying Kamuzu stadium. It has happened in most other countries where governments have destroyed stadiums for another massive developments of that kind, only to be fed by empty words all years. Ask Zambians will tell you.
      And don’t trust this government. Thank China for the new stadium in Lilongwe but plans of building a new stadium before the one that is there now started to make noise when Dosi was a minister but nothing to show.

    6. Does Beautifying The City Means Geting Rid Of Old Buildings? 2 Me I Don’t Think So Instead Renovate Kamuzu Stadium & Build The New 1 Else Where Wthin The City. Simple As That!!! Proud #Zambian!

  65. Malawians Never appreciate kkkkkk. nde chikadzakugumukira mzizanyozanso.. let it be demolized and welcome the new world class stadium. .

  66. sounds great… and make it more than that one in Lilongwe… bt dont make it a loop hole to steal money and cement bags

  67. Why Dmolshng Instead Of Renovatng? Why When U R N Leadershp U Want To Spend More Money In Thngs That Are Alrdy N Its Situation? Wat U Nid To Do Its Maintain It And Focus In Other Sector Of Dvelopment? Why U Want Our Sons And Daughterz To Hear Rumourz Instead Of Seeing N There Own?

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