Kabwila, Kaliati meet in Sangie’s Mai wangwiro video

Malawi Patricia Kaliati

Forget about their political differences, high profile female political figures Jessy Kabwila and Patricia Kaliati have decorated Sangie’s Mai wangwiro video as cameos.

The visuals which premiered the previous night on Times Television in fusion live show hosted by Black Jack, are all about appreciating the remarkable role played by a woman in the running of family affairs. Thus the two political heroins are example of such responsible women.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: In Sangie’s video.

Besides the duo going separate ways in as far as the game of politics is concerned the female reggae dancehall artists sees them with a different but positive eye.

The two parliamentarians are only being separated by their performance in the art work. Kabwila is shown singing along to the tune on the chorus whereas Kaliati is captured in an office working.

The reggae dancehall songstress matures in the video with a womanhood character which makes her a suitable carrier of the message she conveys. Buy the way she dresses, the movements she makes, and her facial expressions, one can tell the singer herself is also posing as a standard of a responsible woman.

Being an era of high definition cameras, poor picture quality is a leper in this video. The graphics therein are among bits of creativity by the video producer.

In Mai Wangwiro Sangie speaks highly of women while demeaning men, saying they are always sleeping while the woman runs up and down for the comfort of her family. However she admits that a responsible woman is not perfect as she at times errors.

Kabwila and Kaliati are popular for a verbal war in previous parliamentary sessions which makes it unbelievable to hear they appear in the same video. Considering the nature of Sangie’s work, rivalry is worth putting aside.



  1. They hide their enemity whenever they meet such places where love is preached, but you don’t know what is inside their heart, they is hate in their mind and heart, who told you that politics isn’t enemity?…..don’t fool yourself for the love their show whenever they meet at the church, they just hide their true colours there but a politician can do anything evil to his or her fellow politician for the sake of politics regardless for the love and smiling moments they had together at the church. Church is the best place to hide your true colours, even prostutes they become virgins whenever they enter the door of a church, drunkers become sobers etc!

  2. politics is not enemity…..I have known from the media especially the writers that you think very shallow like that. Indeed, you are the ones who are dividing malawi because of lack of natural wisdom.

    1. dumb head,u cant even get a point here
      go back to school,

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