Heavy rains destroy 32 houses in Dowa


Heavy rains and strong winds on Wednesday destroyed 32 houses in Mengwe village, Traditional Authority Mkukula in Dowa district.

Reports that Malawi24 has gathered from Dowa Police spokesperson Richard Kaponda indicate that the rainstorm started around 3pm and ended up blowing off roofs of many houses while other houses were reduced to a pile of bricks.

According to Kaponda, Dowa Police officers rushed to the village upon receiving a report from senior group village headman Mengwe to help some victims.

Kaponda added that apart from Mengwe village, nearby Nthunduzu village has also partly been affected by the heavy rains and strong.

Commenting on the incident, Chief Mengwe said villagers have lost property due to the rainstorm.

“Our food, beddings and all needed materials have also been destroyed but thank God that no one has been injured,” said the chief.

He has since asked well-wishers to help them.

However, value of the damaged property has not yet been established.

Dowa Police officer in-charge Felix Phiri has since informed the District Commissioner (DC) through the office of natural disasters and risk management at district level for further assistance.

Mengwe village is located in Traditional Authority Mkukula near Dzaleka Refugee camp, few kilometres away from Dowa/Lumbazi main road.



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