India donates $1 million to Malawi’s ministry of health


The Indian Government has donated $1 million (K734 million) to the ministry of health to buy hospital equipment.

Receiving the donation, minister of health Peter Kumpalume commended the Indian government saying the money will help a lot in buying hospital equipment for Mzuzu Central Hospital.

“We have received $1 million US dollars and we have decided that the money should be used to buy hospital equipment for Mzuzu central hospital,” said Kumpalume.

Peter Kumpalume

Kumpalume: Has confirmed of the donation.

He added that Mzuzu central hospital was opened in 2000 and most of the equipment are old hence the need to replace them.

According to Kumpalume, this will help a lot in reducing deaths as people will be checked in time with the new equipment.

Commenting on the same, Indian High Commissioner to Malawi Suresh Kumar Menon said his government is committed to help the health sector.

He added that the government of India will continue helping the government of Malawi in various sectors in order to strengthen their relationship.

However, Malawi is still facing the problem of insufficient medical equipment and drugs which is leading to many preventable deaths.