1 December 2016 Last updated at: 1:50 PM

Malawians urged to report marital wrangles to police

Malawians have been urged to be reporting marital disagreements to Police before deciding to do anything unlawful.

The remarks comes as murder cases involving spouses are rising at a very alarming rate in the country.

rapeSpeaking in an interview, northern region police publicist, Peter Kalaya, revealed that in Mzuzu alone, about five people have been murdered due to marital wrangles.

“This is very worrisome. As police, we have tried to sensitise people on good ways of sorting out marital wrangles but the number of victims seem to be rising,” he said.

Kalaya suggested that it is necessary for people to be utilising services of the victim support unit rather than rushing to fighting and murdering each other.

He further bemoaned the rising cases of people who commit suicide due to marital disagreements, saying that some problems are resolvable when one seek advice from the victims support unit.

“It’s simple like that. People have to utilize on the services offered at the victims support unit. They must not rush in committing suicide,” he stressed.

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