University students take Malawi Human Rights Commission to task

University of Malawi

Students from two closed public universities have given the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) five days to engage President Peter Mutharika on the delay to open the institutions.

The students from the Polytechnic and Mzuzu University have demanded that the human rights body should have talks with their Chancellor on the closure of the two public higher learning institutions.

The students claimed that they are to hold more demonstrations until the two colleges are reopened.

University of Malawi Polytechnic
Poly remains closed.

The current situation between Mutharika and the students seems to have now turned into a cat and mouse relationship following the president’s remarks that he is not responsible for solving every problem rocking the universities.

The students argued that the remarks reflects Mutharika’s lack of commitment in uplifting the education standards in the country.

Mzuzu University was closed after members of staff demanded a pay hike while at Polytechnic students were forced to have near quarter year holiday with no hope of when they are to hold books in their hands for classes.

However, stakeholders have bemoaned the closure of the two institutions arguing that it denies the students a right to education.



  1. mr zimba kudandaula navyo chara coz munthu wazeru wakulimbana na bulutu chara let them stay there and roat mtumbuka zazatheka pa maphunziro ndishasha mbwenumbwenu pa xool kkkkkkkk

  2. Unfortunately our universities for schooling, now are centres for politics whereby students of dfrnt political parties with various ideas are learning. Students are pamping themselves that they are giants, the Government too. At the end the students wil b the looser indeed! Munthu sunena Oyendesa bwato kuti akununkha pakati pa nyanja= chibwana chankhunkhuniza

  3. Plz mwabatumbuka mose wake up wakumunyozani muli chete ,ine i hate u like a dog eyeryone who hates my tribe and am ready 2fight 4 my tribe like Jews.

  4. Eishiiiiii paliponse Mavuto, kuma school, mzipatala m’miseu, Ku mastore, m’midzi pa town Ku escom, Ku nyanja kkkkkk kodi m’malawi tili ndi msogoleli kapena ndi zina chabe loti president????? Kkkkkkk! Yo!!!!

  5. Za fees ndinanena kuti mukuyenela kuojezela fees yanu kuti maphunziro anu akhale apamwamba poyelekeza ndi zipangizo zoyenela pamaphunziro anu. Za salary ya ma ziphunzitsi boma lilibe ndalama zoti lingaojezele mpakana 35%. Ndiojezela bwanji maziphunzitsi pamene inu mukukana kupeleka fees,,, Mwakhuta eti??.

  6. This tendency of giving ultimatums to the president and organizations won’t help the university students at all. Its like threatening the very same people that have the power to help. In the end it is the students that will loose. Humble yourselves, this is a small matter.

    1. But these kids are nt learning action must have to be taken at least nw because if we will just watch like ths there will be BOMSHELL

    2. I think you don the meaning of a small matter. Your argument started very well but the word small matter has diluted it all. How much have passed since polytechnic was closed? You that a small matter? Much as I agree with you that setting ultimatum is and has never been the best solution to problems but you have lacked some reasoning in your argument. This is a serious issue that needs to be attended to asap

    3. Who is loosing here? Apoly munabwerako ku xool pa 22july up to now muli panyumba koma mkupangabe makan zaziii do you pay xool fees?? Or your parents do it for you sory to say that education shd be expensive those lucky ones got it for free

    1. kkkk,do you hate the president?are you astudent at the university?jus listen to my advise,”STUDY HOME”.Ife zathu zikutheka iwe uzichedwa ndi mabuno english!

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