Mutharika offers no hope for end to Poly, Mzuni woes


As the general public and the students from Polytechnic and Mzuzu University were eager to hear from President Peter Mutharika on the closure of the two colleges during Monday’s national address, Mutharika surprised them by saying nothing on this issue.

Mutharika being a chancellor of these two tertiary institutions was expected to address the general public and specifically the students on his stand on the matter.

But in his speech on Monday, the Malawi leader excluded this point.

In his take on polytechnic and Mzuzu University Mutharika said that he has plans of expanding infrastructures in some of these colleges without necessarily highlighting his stand on the closure.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika omitted talk about woes of the universities.

“My government has plans of expanding infrastructure in Mzuzu University, The Polytechnic and Chancellor College; and in the Technical Colleges of Lilongwe, Salima, Soche and Nasawa,” said Mutharika.

In a recent statement that was released by the Polytechnic Students Union (PSU), the students asked Mutharika to intervene on issues leading to closure of the two public colleges.

According to polytechnic students, this time they only have one hope who is Mutharika but looking at how the chancellor is handling the issue, students may start losing hope in him.

During the first congregation of Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) Mutharika excused himself from closure of universities in the country.

“I know that some people are eager to point fingers at the Head of State and Chancellor for every problem that arises in the universities. I am the ultimate authority and I don’t mind.

“But we must remember the principles of good governance. The governance of every university is done by the Council and its Management. We have empowered them by law to govern the universities on behalf of the Government. And I do not expect everything to come to me. I expect the Council and management to do what is required of them,” Mutharika said.

According to recent statement released by Mzuzu University Students Representative Council (MUSREC), such remarks coming from their chancellor are leaving them hopeless and frustrated.