Woman nabbed for raping man


Police in Machinga district on Monday arrested a 26 year-old woman for sexually abusing a 22 year-old man.

According to Machinga police spokesperson Davie Sulumba, the woman, Iness Salamba, 26, raped the young man in October but police only managed to arrest her on Monday this week.

Sex scandalSulumba said on the day of the abuse, the woman took the victim to her house where she undressed herself and forced the victim to have sex with her.

Later that day, the victim’s mother noticed that her son was looking weak and pale. When she asked him about it, he revealed that Salamba had sexually abused him.

The mother to the victim reported the matter to area’s village headwoman and later to Ntaja police.

But since raping the young man, Salamba was at large until efforts by law enforcers proved successful as they nabbed her on 14th November.

Salamba will soon appear in court to answer charges of indecent assault which is contrary to section 155 of the penal code and attracts a maximum of seven years in jail.

She comes from Lodesi village Traditional Authority Kawinga of Machinga district.



  1. When a man raping s woman u force your dick to enter into woman’s private parts…….in da process ov raping her she get wet and amayamba kumva kukoma…..uknow its very difficult to control your feeling bumbu kapena mbolo ukuiwona…… A woman can rape a man yes

  2. Ambiri Mukufunika Civic Education/adult Literacy Specialy Wen It Comes To Rape Being Conducted By Woman,,,
    Nchfukwa Mukayakhula Zopanda Nzeru,,in Short Jus Check The Meaning Of Word RAPE,,,,szkanatheka kukana chfukwa azmayi nd ochenjera akhoza kukuwa kt akumugwirilira,,,,,nde mukudziwa kale khan yake ikanavuta,,,

  3. Ena Anyanya Kukhala Ndi Mbolo M’buluku Osagwilitsila Ntchto. Ndiye Mayiyo Anamva Kukoma Ndipo Anachta Bwno Anazithandizidwa Nyere Yakhe Inathandizidwa

  4. Tiziti amaniwo samava kukoma? komaso sinadzuke? nanga kugwirirako kwawonekela pati chifukwa ngati idatota nulowa palibe xwazogwilirila apa palibe.

  5. Inu be serious we watched your movie done by Malawian guy ‘Mabvuto’ in part one the guy was forced but he refused. It is not easy a man to be raped.

  6. Even mu Bible zinalembedwa izizo, Ana a Lot analepa abambo awo onse awiri ndikubereka Ana. Azimayinso amarepa anthuniii hah!!

  7. Rape is defined by WHO as physical forced or otherwise coerced penetration – even if slightly – of the vulva or anus, using a penis, other body parts or an object.

  8. Are we saying if one enjoys it it does not count as rape?! The females can rape a man too and that man cant use force to avoid it either. #YouwillLearn

  9. chonde atolankhani criminal law imati anyone can rape except a husband and wife komanso a woman.Muzifunsa kuti mau oyenera ndi ati? mkazi sagwiririra.Amati indecent assault

  10. Believe that the boy was 12, a typing error

    The woman cannot be charged with rape as a man the criminal code does not recognize that a woman can rape a man, But

    The woman can be charged with sexual abuse of a minor child and receive s punishment upto 7 years,

    Difficult to prove this case as not hospital evidence her word against his word. Unless he contracted an SID

    Beware boys a women is looking to get you

  11. Ayi zabodza izi nkaz olo alibe chilakolako chogonana mamuna maliseche ake akatota imalowa mpaka mkati ndikumachita mamuna osatota singalowe olo nkaziyo akhare ndinyere bwanji bolo yosatota singaro ayi mamuna sagwililigwa bodza ili

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  14. Indecent assault charge bcoz she is??? If it was him 22 against her 26 it was rape.. Rules of natural justice and equality have been compromised here

  15. Every police -man knows that when ever a man is frightened, there is no erection, hence no penetration, so our friend need to simply tell us which iswhich.The man also had feelings already and he enjoyed since it came on a silver platter

  16. mah man….kuli akazi ena ndi olusa zochitika zawo..anangobawda ngati mamuna……poti amati kuyenda nkuvina mudzakumana nawo….amuna ambili amagwililidwa koma amacita manyazi kukanena ku police…other ladyz there moster’s or vimpire…ndikupempha akhothi kuti cigamulo chake cikhale chofanana ndichomwe amapereka kwa nzibambo akagwilira..

  17. A man has been raped and the woman will answer charges of indecent assault? Please ask for guidance from experts of the field related before you post your clueless issues here. A good report was even supposed to have age of the man. Achimwenewo mpaka amayi awo anawona kut afooka? kkkkkk this guy is something else…..

  18. wagwirilidwa bwanj mamunayo ?tidziti sinadzuke amachita kufotselako ?aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bambo amenewa asowa posewelela mamuna sagwililidwa amangochita ,awa anachita sugar yooooooooo wawasokoneza ubongo

  19. In malawian penal code there is no woman raping a man. Kasungu woman walked Scot free after raping a 15 year old boy. Court found her not guilty since a woman does not rape a man. Biased laws.

  20. nkhani ibvutapo iyi, as it is very difficult to prove the case. a woman initiated the move, a man responded by erection, action happen no force, tiyeni zanozi

  21. hahaha i always laugh when i see something like this…how can a woman rape a man…deal imadzuka if we see something we like

  22. Arrest this woman for not less than 25years imprisonment with hard labour,as the police do to a man raping a woman. No different same sin same punishment Yooooooooopo

  23. Nanga Poti Wambawamba Sizingatheke,ztengera Ngati Thupi La Mwamunalo Lavomera Kuti ‘Pali Mkazi Pano’,Ndakaika,komabe Ndamva Kuti Wathuyu Wapangidwa Chipongwe

  24. Ha ha ha ha it’s not easy for a woman to rape a man…….the man also had sexual feelings he needed to endure, kkkkkkk this man is not real if indeed he was raped.

  25. Just give the directions of the woman’s house and by tomorrow they will be at least a thousand men waiting to be raped.

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