Thugs hack Poly student who works as guard to raise fees


Thugs have hacked a Malawi Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering student who had taken up a job as a guard in order to raise money for fees, Malawi24 has learmt.

The student, 30 year-old John Chione, was attacked on Thursday by robbers who wanted to steal from the house he was guarding at Mandala residential area in Blantyre

According to the local media, Chione made it to the University of Malawi after passing his Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations with 18 points.  

knife-bloodBut he went to college at a time when government had started to provide fees to only a lucky few and he was not among them.  Since his parents are poor, Chione failed to mobilise enough funds for fees which at the time was K250,000.

College authorities nonetheless pestered him to pay fees and when he failed, they barred him from writing end of the year examinations. The Polytechnic however allowed Chione to withdraw for the academic year which ended in July and they reserved his place.

When he withdrew, Chione took up a job as a security guard at Omega Security Company where he is paid K21,000 per month. On Thursday he reported for work and that night robbers attacked him.

“As I tried to shield my head with my arms, the pangas landed on my arms and I sustained serious injuries and was taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital by the owner of the house,” he told the local media.

The next academic year at the Polytechnic will begin on September 30 but Chione is yet to raise enough money for his fees, which is now at K400,000 following a recent hike by the government.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Polytechnic management has visited the student at the hospital and has expressed regret over his situation.  



  1. Vuto lokhala ndi president woipa mtima ndi limenelo. How can Peter allow fees hike like that? God is watching!!!

  2. Sorie bro may God’s hands b upon u..Work hard and raise the mane for ur fees.

  3. I’m just very sorry for the injury brother but that’s not newsin Africa for ssomeone hunting his / her on school fees.

  4. Sorry for the injuries,but if you talk about working to make school fees,that’s not a strange story in Malawi,some are doing very hard jobs which you can’t even imagine,set your target and achieve and this will be a good story one day ,never give up

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