Mutharika calls on churches to transform Malawians


President Peter Mutharika has reiterated the need for the church to continue transforming souls of Malawians and helping government in developing the country.

The Malawi leader was speaking in Mzuzu at the consecration ceremony of Bishop John Ryan as Bishop for Mzuzu Diocese.

The president said the church is expected to transform souls as well as teach people to be patriotic, hardworking, and to have integrity.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika: Drills Malawian churches.

“’As a church we expect you to transform our society as well as helping government in developing the country,” said the Malawi leader.

He also urged the church to help government in ending corruption as the country cannot develop when its people are involved in rampant corruption.

Mutharika then hailed the Catholic Church for the big role it plays in developing the nation in the sectors of education and health as well as in economic empowerment of Malawians.

Bishop John Ryan was appointed in April as the Bishop of Mzuzu diocese after the death of Bishop Joseph Nkasa Zuza who died last year in a car accident.

The Bishop has served as a missionary in several areas in the northern region and before he was appointed Bishop of Mzuzu he was working as chaplain at Mzuzu University where he was also a lecturer of Mathematics.



  1. If this thief has nothing wise to tell the nation ,should just kp quite.should the pastors transform ministers on 500 billion cashgate?

  2. All that i would rather wish to happen is for him to shun frm evils and follow righteous by settng an example on other governmental issues lyk that of corruption… mind u if u ont favours from God do others favour too..

  3. Sometimes ithink this doesn’t make sense,transformation is one,s choice,you don’t force them,you preach to them its their duty to take it or live it,action is also needed,while the aChurch is doing its part,the Prezdent and those in authority should do their part,you are hiding each other that doesn’t need the Church to preach to you to bring those ministers to book

  4. Kodi amipingo angathandize chani? ndalama za amalawi mukuba mopanda chisoni nde mukufuna akatani? anthu oipa zedi inu.MULUNGU achitananu mwapadela. mavoti kuba ndalamaso kubaso? mbava tsapano mukufuna amatchalitchi kuti mulape? mukugwa chagada mu 2019 .

  5. Kuba kukuyamba ndi President ndi ma Ministers ake ndiye pemphero lingachitepo chani? Uyu Bwampini olakwitsana mayankhulidwe.

  6. I don’t like you
    I need Joyce Banda on seat again
    You have just force yourself to be on seat of a president of which you didn’t even get 10 percent of presidential votes why you focused keep on doing stupid things

  7. I observed that Msogoleri wina aliyense amene amakondedwa ndi anthu ambiri amakhala ndi zofooka zambiri. Even bible says “anthu ambiri azasata msewu waukulu omwe ndi wakuchionongeko”. Amalawi ambiri amadana ndi chilungamo ndi munthu wa chilungamoyo

  8. Hey Mr president watever they call u,why calling on churches & not you as our leader knee down bfore God & ask what is what u see is needed in Malawi?..Remember iwenso ndimunthu, u president ndimpando chabe wopezerapo yamchere,but God needs u to change ur life & be the first example & first citizen to repent!..Dont expect churches to be mediators btwn u & God!..try it its not hard just forget urself as apresident & ask God to help u pomwe pakukuvuta!..

  9. Mmmm guyz u should not oppose anyting,calling Churches iz dat a mistek??? Paja amalawi kuzolowera xwang shit-Mutharika go deeper we r on yo back

  10. Kkkkkkkk now your talking but don’t tell them what to do, let the church readers who really recern from above tell you what God wants you to do to transform this country and don’t argue with them even if it means loose your readership because God’s way is different no school is involved. Thanx

  11. @Gwapo Z Ibracadabra,the church can transform malawi,the country has gone to the dogs.Mobs are burning people,burning buildings,Killing people.That country needs prayer! The President is not a Spritual man,you malawians have butchered a lot of people,You are now a cursed country!!!!!!!! You are nolonger the warm heart of africa,You are now the Butcher of Africa!!!!!!!! The blood you are spilling will haunt you for the rest of your living life.You need Serious prayer.

  12. stop insulting the president he is just telling his opinion on how the church can continue to help developing this country because his government has failed.

  13. Zimenezo ku church amatiphunzitsa koma vuto ndi lanu a President simungamve chifukwa simupezekako ku church ko si bola munakangomanga ukwati uja khomo la church simulidziwa pokha pokha ngati kuli mapemphero opempha MVULA kapena za republic otherwise tili ndi peesident osapemphera….ndiye muli busy kukamiza a mipingo to preach peace while u fail to live by that example…. sinthani khalidwe a president

  14. Ohooo!!Mr president u no what these people u r asking to play 4 u r busy stealing Church funds and they are lucky bcoz there cases do not 2 court

  15. Malawian Churches Nowadays Are Political Organisation.Instead Of Winning Souls,they Are Bussy Playing Some Foolish Political Games. #SHAME

  16. If the one calls himself ” the first citezen talks uncivilized comments hw dare could he ask Churches to do so.Malawi has gone frm bad to worse, R1 =k50 , we r the only breaking this record

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  18. How do you expect things from the church when you yourself are not leading by example.Shielding corrupt minister.who is supposed to transform here? Am afraid the church cannot do that for you.simply roll over because you say so hahaha.He thinks is full of knuckleheads who can’t think for themselves.Infact the church will take you out if you are not careful.mxieew

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