Mbulu, others have bans softened

Richard Mbulu

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) disciplinary committee has softened the ban for Mafco players Richard Mbulu, Paul Ndhlovu, and Stain Malata.

A fortnight ago Mbulu was banned for the rest of the season from all football related activities while Ndhlovu and Stain Malata were given six match bans in all competitions.

Richard Mbulu
Richard Mbulu : Has his ban softened.

But the disciplinary committee now says the three players’ bans will only be applicable in the Carlsberg Cup. This means Mbulu is eligible to player in the league in which he is one of the top goal scorers.

Mafco’s team manager David Gulaimfa’s has also had his ban reduced from 3 years to 18 months. This means Gulaimfa is prohibited from participating in all football related activities organised by FAM and its affiliates for the length of the ban.

Gulaimfa was found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute by inciting disorderly conduct of players contrary to article 24.2r of the Carlsberg Cup Rules and Regulations.

“The ban of Lt David Gulaimfa’s ban has been reduced from 3 years to 18 months whilst the bans for Richard Mbulu, Paul Ndhlovu and Stain Malata will only be applicable in the Carlsberg cup,” said the letter.

The disciplinary committee has also found that the charge given to Mafco fc was inappropriate and consequently they have resolved to dismiss the K500,000 Mafco was slapped with.

Meanwhile the Malawi FA has said that the full determination on Mafco’s appeal will be submitted by the disciplinary committee.

The Mafco players and official were found guilty of taking part in violence conduct ahead of a game between Mafco and Big Bullets two weeks ago.



  1. The ban was too much…. Otherwise its what goes with emotions when the law enforncers are angry. Baning de Mafco guys as it were would have contributed to sorry perfomance of the Flames as those Mafco guys are hot contenders candidate for de betterment of de flames… Big up…. Ngakhale tchimo lingafile ngati kapesi lidzaerako ngati matalala.

  2. Thought I read on this very page that FAM rejected the appeal coz the 24 hour time frame had elapsed. This paper quoted a FAM official saying the deadline was on the 17th, Mafco appealed on the 19th, the money was paid on the 22nd, hence the appeal hearing wasn’t taking place and the appeal money would be returned to Mafco. What happened then? Can someone fill me in plz.

  3. ngati mpila sukupita pa sogolo ndi afam mafco mukuichepesela chilango koma ma tim ena sizimatheka kusonyeza kut mafco mumaiopa?

  4. Mesa onse amamenyana mukuyang’ana mbali imodzi chifukwa chani amamenyana ndi mbuzi omenyana amalanga onse mafco mafco ndiye chani ma player atahit nswonso alandire chilango kukonfera eti

  5. Mpila ku Malawi suzapita pasogolo chifukwa cha chinyengo,Mafco muziyisekelela choncho koma ikanakhala Bullets kapena Noma

  6. Mbulu akuti sangasiye kumenya ma player anzake chifukwa akuti adazolowera. Akuti ndipovuta kuti angokhala asawongolako manja kweni kweni kwa osewera anbb,

  7. That’s good news.Is it because the cup remains with few days? Why is it that malawian soccer bodies make impulse and irrational decisions?shame!!! NBB for life

  8. FAM what pipo r u ? kma adzakuphwanyeni inu ndiye mudzawone mene zimawawira chinyengo ndichimene mumachidziwa bsi choncho mpira sungapite pamtsogolo ndi zimene mukumachitazo ngati munagamula bsi lamulo ligwire ntchito

  9. Nyelele zikuti zampira izi koma winatu ndikuti wina walusa kamba ka mafco kkkkkkk.well done fam zimafuna kuona nkhani popeleka chiweluzo.Nomads fan.

  10. Nyelele zikuti zampira izi koma winatu ndikuti wina walusa kamba ka mafco kkkkkkk.well done fam zimafuna kuona nkhani popeleka chiweluzo.Nomads fan.

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    1. that’s not ftball my bro. U are promoting HATE! sorry to say u don’t love football.or at all a ftball fan. shame!

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