Malawi security gone to the dogs: Seven suspects escape from Police cell


Seven suspects including a rapist have escaped from a police cell at Embangweni Police unit in Mzimba district.

The suspects forced open their cells’ door before escaping the police unit.

Among the escapees was Andrew Lusale who was arrested for raping a nine year-old girl.

It is said Lusale who is from Chiwondwe school Traditional Authority Mzikubola raped the 9 year-old girl earlier this year but was only arrested last week and locked up at Embangweni police unit waiting for further investigations.

Broken-HandcuffsHowever, two days later he connived with six other suspects to force open the door of the cell and run away.     

The incident has since shocked residents around Embangweni and surrounding areas.

A community member who spoke on condition of anonymity said Lusale also raped a five year-old girl in the area last year but villagers never took him to police because he paid a cattle to the victim’s parents.

Meanwhile, police are searching for the suspects in order to re-arrest them.



  1. Long walk to freedom! Guys thawani kabisaleni asakubatheninso. Prison cells in our country are abnoxiously conjested. But mind you do not commit another crime. Sinthani khalidwe!

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  3. Nde ngati akuwathawa kumpanda konko nde awa ama areamu angathane nawo….. ..Chitetezo chadziko chinagwa kale kale ngati kwacha bac nkumatiso ampingo ujawu azivala mahijabu[Buyubuyu] paliecence…..Bola msatichepetsere nthawi yokhala padziko kamba kaubulutu wanu

  4. Inu sangathawe koma munene kuti chinyengo amapereka ndalama maprisoner nkuwatsegulira.Mufuna munamize ndani apa mukuyesa sitiziwa ndizoziwika izi

  5. Poor security in Malawi this poor things starts from yemwe you call pitala munthu wopanda mano mkamwa what is his reaction after hearing that murder is all over in Malawi rapist is like a tone of 4n in Malawi thieves are all over and now they escaping from cells as well as prisons they challenging his security madala zakukanikani basi

  6. This is absolutely trick and questions might be during this time where was the police ?what I know nowadays police they’re too much corrupted
    The have to ask the one who was on duty because that bastard supposed to be punished or be killed anyway that is embarrassment
    I don’t even understand how can someone rape his daughter
    If he knows that he was hot why didn’t do mustiburtion so far until his down
    A lot of people they are taking chances
    We need the truth right if that what it takes don’t arrest anyone because you are corrupt people
    That is unfair people being rapid and killed while police stand still and watch while bad things happening
    They said we still investigating but they are just drinking coffee

  7. Last time it was those convicted aimedrobarries who made the history of breaking the strongest malawian police cell and maneged to escape in blantyre, limbe police station, so today here is another story, was he in unroked cell?…somebody must explain this there, this was a connected move!

  8. No security in Malawi how can suspects escape from police cell?last time was from prison now from police cell how can people trust police in Malawi ?????

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