Malawi Police officer brutally murdered in Salima

Rhoda Ngoma

Unknown thugs in Salima on Monday murdered Chipoka Police Criminal Investigation Department In-Charge Rhoda Pilirani Ng’oma.

Rhoda Ngoma
Ngoma slain.

The police officer was killed hours after she had attended the official opening of Salima Sugar Company by President Peter Mutharika’s.

According to Salima Police Public Relations Officer Gift Chitowe, the deceased in the afternoon of 15th August attended the official opening of Salima Sugar Company and after the event she went straight to her home at Chipoka CEAR lines.

“During the same night thugs invaded her house where they murdered her before stealing assorted items,” said Chitowe.

The body of Ng’oma is at Salima District Hospital pending for post-mortem.

Police in the district have since launched investigations to arrest the culprits.

The deceased hailed from Kasanika Village, Traditional Authority Chikulamayembe in Rumphi.



    1. Amene mukungonyoza president mukungolowetsapo ndale, ife kuno tikumaona anthu akuphedwa komanso kulandidwa ndalama koma apolisi ali poteropo kuno ku RSA, Durban, ndiye tinene ndi president akuchititsa? Think wisely

    2. Amene mukungonyoza president mukungolowetsapo ndale, ife kuno tikumaona anthu akuphedwa komanso kulandidwa ndalama koma apolisi ali poteropo kuno ku RSA, Durban, ndiye tinene ndi president akuchititsa? Think wisely

  1. If she looked like ana Albino, am sure that’s the major factor to slain her… ntchito za chipani cholamula zikatichitile umboni kumwamba ndi pa dziko lapansi-amen

  2. Abale tiyenitisithe makhalidwe wonyoza president apapalibe khani yomutukwanira tsogoleri,iyendi muthu ngati ifetomwe sangakwanitse kuteteza winaaliyense pofela salambula,ngakhale baibulo limaletsa kunyoza tsogoleli.

  3. anything that will happen in his time who should we blame?? muluzi or Joyce banda?? we have to blame who z leading the country Right now….kodi why anthu a DPP wen pipo are trying kulankhula zolakwika za President wathu bwanji mumakwiya??? that’s bulshit 1thing you should know z that peter z the President of whole malawi not southern region yokha ,and Malawian we have rights to blame zolakwikazo ,and the idiots are trying to compare kumati bwanji Ku a America anthu amaphedwa koma ma American’s sama mu blamer obama ,chimenecho ndichizantso so a American are perfect?? nonsense

  4. munthu waluzika wasiya ana wasiya banja.chomwe chachititsa kt aphedwe ndi chani? kodi adakakhala kt kum’sonkhano sadapite kodi adakaphedwa or ayi? tinene kt waphedwe pazifukwa zandale? zovetsa chisoni father of the son he dead like snake? mmmmm

  5. palibe zomutukwanila president apa,coz iye sizikumukhudza,komaso guyz muziganiza heve mwamva,pali anthu ena amachita kutumidwa ndi anthu ena..çoz pali zabwino anthu ena amafuna kut ayipitse..

  6. Where is humanity? How can you speak in a very unconcerned way? This is a funeral…..our brothers and sisters are mourning somewhere for this innocent soul…..please let’s be human

  7. Police officer killed epifania Bonjesi in chilobwe she was just sitting outside the house ten years young girl.I don feel nothing wen I hear the death of a police member I don buy this stupid funeral thanx

  8. chitukuko chitetezo chilungamo zija ndizimenezi?ngati nkhoswe akupha mphaka ndiye makoswe ali pa ufulutu zachisoni tisanayiwale za issa njauju wa police mkuphedwaso tili mmavutodi osowa pothawira

  9. Let me advise criminal investigation unit, Traffic, that they should be very careful when it comes to handling the criminals and road traffic violaters respectively! Once they start dealing with them in private. Outside office and outside official working hours, in pubs, clubs, they will expose themselves to danger. They should not expose themselves to public. This is for their safety. Use of ” thief to catch a thief” is an old adage, but dangerous! It must be avoided at any time. The world has changed. They should not enter into negotiations with criminals, nor to be booked for an appointment in private at home or in a hotel. It is dangerous. These guys must be professional by never allowing themselves to be corrupted by thieves, thugs, taxi and minibus drivers even by a bottle of FANTA. Always say NO and THANK YOU while you open criminal charges aginst them. God will reward you for tthe good and professional work. Never show loopholes, chances and space to criminals. They will harm you. An advisor is not a wizard. Take it or leave it!


  11. Alipo President dziko muno, koma udziwe kuti iye akukhala kwina iwenso ulikwanu. Sangadziwe/kapena kulota chilichinse chikuchitika kudera kwanuko, chifukwanso iye ndi munthu ngati iweyo. Sikuti akati president, ndiye kuti akhale mulonda wako kumene upite alipambuyo pako ai. Chitetezo chachikulu, iwe uleke kuyamba anzako ukatelo wazimangira gate wekha.

  12. mmmm koma komwe analiko ku Chipoka? nkwa anthu otsutsa boma a PP ndye zipembedzo zawo salora mzimai kumawatsogolera komaso paja amakonda kudula mitu ya dziweto adazolowera

  13. the same amatumidwa kupha ndikumapanga silence anthu on important public issues…Mesa iwo amadalira mfuti koma amaiwala kuti mwala oponyedwa ndi citizen okwiya umapha kuposa mfuti….Backfiring…Tiuxeni xa chasowa,tiuxeni xa njauju,tiuxeni xa albino attacker,tiuxeninso mwamanga angati pa 577…

  14. Thats a sad development, R.I.P Madam, u died for your nation, u tried your best to enforce laws and maintain peace to your country, but those who hate your good effort has murdered you despite your good work!

  15. Malawi has changed nkhalamba yaku nthyolo yalephela kulamulila dziko too much thugs why thy killing people who are protecting them

    1. Even though but your grandpa has failed to keep peace in the beautiful warm heart of africa where is he taking the country now the late has gone down up to 52 yooo keep support your grandpa and see what will happen

    2. The Kds Themselves Coz De Father Daznt Knw Wts Wrng Among Dem Unless He Asks, Solution: De Father Can Ask Wts Wrng/ He Cn Wheap Dem. #Unfortunately No One Z To Be Askd By De Father Coz 1 Z No More. Only Lyf Imprsnment Remains De Sltn If Doz Thugs Gt Caught! #Lesson: B4 U Dicide 2 Comment Learn 2 Critc De Story, Balance Ixues & Avoid Ur Immaginations Coz U Cnt Provide Evdences If Askd! Accordng 2de Issue; We Dnt Knw Wh The Thugs R, If T Z Politcal Issues We Dnt Even Knw Who Sent The Thugs Either Dpp Or Oppositions..! They Knew Dat She’ll Be On Duty On [email protected] Moment @ De Lally Place. So Lets Wait 4de Investgation & C Way 4wad..!

    3. Wtf!!! In every country when you see such kind of dilemma just know the government is not doing the job properly.So who is the head of the government, obviously Mtharika!Hey Davies Dire! In a family if children misbehaves who take the blame? Definitely the parents like wise here the Mutharika will be blamed due to his policies and principles on how he is running the government. Davies Daire you are 100% correct and don’t even feel sorry out it bcs these critics of bootlickers………WTF!!!!

    4. last month three policemen were shot by unknown people in the USA ,so these things are happening kulikonse even in the USA where they are more advanced in security matters, but u never hear them critizing Obama for that even the Republicans themselves. They wait for the investigations and see what security measures should be taken to avoid the same thing happening in the future. We should be mature enough not to politicise zinthu zilizonse

    5. Mayamiko Mataya it is insane to compare America with Malawi.Your opinion doesn’t add up better go back to your drawing board and come with a proper resounding point OK!Whatever is happening in America is all surrounded with racial demise. In Malawi there too much hunger,jealousy expensive commodity prices and so on while in america none of that shit so if you are One of the Majority that voted for Mutharika then we don’t take that scrap you talking about here thus bullshit!!

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