Suffix denies rebuffing secular artists

Suffix Mkazi wa Kumwamba

Malawi’s gospel rapper Suffix has cleared misunderstandings surrounding his latest studio work ‘Ndinakakhala Judge’ in which he disapproves music collaborations involving gospel and secular artists.

The song which premiered last Monday on MBC Radio 2 before conquering music sites, brings to light Suffix’s position against working with secular artists.

Suffix Mkazi wa Kumwamba
Suffix clears reports o snubbing secular artists.

This has been subject to many conclusions among the audience as most have been led to believe that the rapper exposes some judgement traits which contradicts the song’s message that is centred on the words, if I were a judge.

Speaking to Malawi24 yesterday, Suffix cleared the mist surrounding his song, arguing he has been misunderstood. He said that it depends on the situation that may call for a combined effort with a secular artist. He said this is because he is a Christian before he is a rapper therefore the Christian values determine his behaviour.

“I am a Christian before I am a rapper, I have my values which are derived from a Christian point of view. A secular artist can never come to me for a feature on a song talking about how much money or girls they hitting because I can’t. I can work on a cancer awareness song with Classick or something to do with Aids. I can’t invite a secular artist who believes there is no God in my song which is gospel so it depends, it’s a yes or no,” said Suffix

Besides being misunderstood by some, others have commended the artists for an excellent work. His energy in delivering the lyric, and going in line with the instrumental, are the two prime factors which make the song a hit.

The Blantyre based artist released another song, Mkazi wa Kumwamba which features Faith Mussa, earlier this year.

In his fresh project, he maintains the same style with a slight difference in delivery.



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