Malawi govt. slapped in the face!

Simekinala Kaluzi

Non-governmental organisations in the country have faulted government for its lack of commitment to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Council for Non-governmental Organisation in Malawi (CONGOMA) says the implementation of the SDGs would have been noticeable now considering that the United Nations (UN) goals were adopted last year.

CONGOMA programs Officer Simekinala Kaluzi said the organisations are not satisfied with what government has done to implement the goals.

“Since the adoption of the SDGs last year we have not seen much on the side of government as we know that government once produced a report indicating that one of the ways to sustainably implement the SDGs is to involve city councils as well as district councils but till now we have not seen any development,” said Kaluzi.

Simekinala Kaluzi
Kaluzi: Faults govt for ‘ignoring’ SDGs.

He added that it is almost a year since the goals were adopted but government is not coming in to empower city councils and district councils so that they should start implementing projects with the aim of achieving the SDGs.

According to Kaluzi, government should have not burdened one ministry or sector to implement the SDGs but it needs to also involve other ministries for the work to be a little bit easier.

The SDGs are a plan of action for ending poverty and were adopted at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

The set of goals include ending poverty, providing affordable and clean energy for all, and achieving zero hunger. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved by 2030.



  1. Kkkkkk uku ndiye amati kudya mfulumira. The SDGs are there up to 2030 and they require resources to be achieved. Tangozolowera phokoso basi. zinazi kuti zitheke require serious commitment which will also need to increase tax.

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  3. Malawi’s leadership has cost Malawians future life on economy and social life challenges because of lack of commitment to implement sustainable Goals, from leaders.
    Malawi at its 53yrs from the colonial Regime, and 22 yrs on her Democratic dispensation, still crawls and fail to sustain her economic goals.
    Malawi’s leadership is to blame here not some as a citizen of this country.
    Economic growth strategy starts with a unique investments plan in developing infrastructure programmes such as;
    1. Energy (Electricity)
    Malawi didn’t invest heavily in this project as it relayed heavily in Nkula falls and small Tedzani to drive Malawi up to this day,
    Malawi population has quarterly grown too high as the electricity demand has grown drastically.
    Malawi heavily lacks energy supply to the needy, because of its tariffs hike and service is too cost to the consumers.
    2. Road net works, (Rural connecting Roads)
    Regional and districts roads have been built, but primary roads to local and remote villages is a big stumbling block to many Malawians in villages who are really willing to invest in Malawi’s economy.
    Villagers are eligible food producers to the nation, and breadbasket founders.
    Trading centers has to be connected smoothly between village and another village, another TA and another sub TA.
    Many farm produce got rotten and sold at a low commodity priced tag, just for a day survival loosing his farm profit due to transportation means.
    Treatable illnesses kills innocent Malawians due to lack of cutting roads infrastructure connections, instead villagers till today they use to transport patients on bicycles and wheel barrows, whooooo!
    3. Sanitation Piped water, sewerage connectivity in rural areas is also a big concern, that many Malawians loses their lives daily.
    Among all those three asset of the government is a key success to attract both local and foreign inventors to invest in Malawi.
    Someone, out there with a very unique thinking mind will totally agree with me.

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