Nurses to go on strike

Ntcheu District Hospital

As health sector woes continue to escalate in the country, some nurses and midwives are planning to hold a sit-in to force authorities to give them their locum money which they have not been receiving for some time.

The nurses from Ntcheu District Hospital have said that they will down their tools to force the District Nursing Officer Mr Phiri to pay them their locum money.

In an interview, one of the concerned nurses who has been working since January without receiving the locum money expressed dissatisfaction over the matter.

Ntcheu District Hospital
Ntcheu District Hospital

“I graduated last year from a nursing college and I had an opportunity to start working with Ntcheu District Hospital waiting for government post but since that time, I have not received my locum money until up to now.”

“When I approach the District Nursing officer most of the times, they just told me that I will receive my money but up to now I have not received any money,” she said.

Since the issue has been reported in the media, nurses who had a meeting on the issue on Wednesday were forced to write down their names and submit the list to the District Nursing Officer who also demanded an apology from the nurses as they rushed to talk to the media.

But commenting on the development, public relations officer for Ntcheu district hospital Mrs Kawalala said government gives money to the hospital through funding so the nurses will get their money when the hospital receives funding.

She further said that if the nurses will hold a sit-in it will be because of another issue not for the locum money.

“We had a meeting on Sunday and we agreed that the nurses will receive their locum money. So if they are saying they want to hold a sit-in for the issue then it’s not fair because we agreed on the issue and we ended their grievances that they are not receiving their locum. Moreover it’s not all nurses who are not receiving money, some they do receive some not due to the amount of money we get from government,” she said.

This comes hot in the heels of  a heightened debate after a revelation by government that there are just no jobs for nurses in the government.

principal secretary for the ministry of health McPhail Magwira urged the nurses to have creative minds that can help them to be entrepreneurs.



  1. Ii kaya,just drop three misile bombers,one in each region and kil us all bcoz it seems like all Government workers are tired of caring Malawians. So its yout time. Escom,Waterboard,Admarc.road traffic;prezident,MPs,Doctors,National team,show very bad perfomances and bad ruling.

  2. I admire the courage demonstrated by the nurses. While teachers are silent, gripped with fear of the unknown, our fellow civil servants have taken a step. MPs took a step in parliament for their welfare. The President has indirectly taken a step by sending someone to demand a new convoy. The office of the VP has received a big share of the national cake in the name of budget allocation. While teachers are so quite. Tidya ma grasshopper and mice. TUM kkkkkkkk

  3. Nurses of Ntcheu appreaciate the outstanding credibility of our DNO .Ngati Ena muli ndi mavuto pitani kwina.Zopusa basi!!!
    Nu DHMT has been giving locums since others stopped.Bravo our DNO and DHMT for good leadership ndikupilira kwanu

    1. Zoona Nurse wa ngwiro ma bwanawa pa Nu akuyesesa kutipatsa ma locum ngakhale anzawo anasiya zipatala zina. Opusa inu chokani kuno Ku Ntcheu osatiipitsira mbiri

  4. Kodi amadzakutengani ndi mfuti ma nyumba mwanumo? Kapena mulibe zochita zina zoti muzipeza ndalama? Osamangokhala ma kwanu bwanji mukakhala kuti muli pa off? Zatikwana tsopano, yeah!

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