Mphwiyo shooting: Court tells police to ‘give’ back phone to suspect


The Malawi Police Service has been ordered to return a Nokia handset and driving license for first accused person in the shooting case of Paul Mphwiyo, former Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier Macdonald Kumwembe, by the Lilongwe High Court.

The accused who is answering two charges of conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder with the second accused person Pika Manondo, asked the court on Tuesday to help him get his phone and driving licence which police is keeping.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale apologised to the court and asked for more time to speak with police who she says are the ones keeping the things.

MacDonald Kumwembe

Kumwembe:To get his phone and license back.

Justice Michael Mtambo then issued an order that the State should tell the police to surrender the two items to Kumwembe within 10 days.

According to Kumwembe, Detective Chilinda is the one who took away his two phones and driving licence during his arrest in 2013 but after the court release order he was only given one phone and keep on walking to police to get the remaining phone and driving licence.

At the moment proceedings are expected to continue on Tuesday ,26th April 2016 as  second Manondo is expected to parade his last witness of truth from Airtel Malawi to tackle issues to do with GPRS and actual location point of calls.

His witness of truth Gospel Chimseu, who is a businessperson, said on the night of September 13 2013 when Mphwiyo was shot, he met Pika Manondo at Chez Ntemba Club in Area 47 at 11.10pm as he was walking out to head home.


The unsuccessful plot on Mphwiyo  led to the discovery of the cashgate scandal as unscrupulous government and Peoples Party officials stole over K24 billion of public funds.

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