World Vision helps children with disabilities in Mchinji

Maxell Malunga

He was unable to hear and speak properly. He could not attend classes due to the challenge. Furthermore, he could not even provide a helping hand to his parents who are staunch business people and farmers.

This is the story of 13 year-old Lumbani Kaphale from Traditional Authority (T/A) Mavwere in Mchinji under World Vision Bua-Mtete Area Programme (AP). The AP receives much of its support from South Korea.

Maxell Malunga
Maxell Malunga from Buamtete

While Lumbani is one such a child with hearing impairment in the country, lack befell him last time. His father, July Kaphale said his son was always indoors or at home because there was nothing that he got even in class.

Kaphale said: “When we noted that the problem was getting worse, we took him to medical specialists from ABC Clinic in Lilongwe.”

Lumbani is now able to hear and attend to lessons in class, thanks to World Vision through ABC Clinic which also provided the hearing aids after the diagnosis.

“My child was diagnosed by specialists at Waliranji right here in Mchinji. It was them who discovered that he had hearing and speaking challenges as a result of the vaccination he had undergone some time back,” said Kaphale.

Kaphale said Lumbani is able to hear, although has difficulties in speaking. “I can say that he hears whatever is being said and can transact business on my behalf, besides attending to lessons.

“At the moment, teachers testify that Lumbani can hear than before. He can respond to questions and interact with his colleagues,” says Kaphale, adding that he thanks World Vision Malawi and its support office in South Korea.

A brief interview with Lumbani proved that he was able to hear and partially speak, enough a sign that the support is bearing fruit.

Meanwhile, communities and local leaders have hailed World Vision and ABC Clinic for the gesture in helping Lumbani to have his hearing restored.

In another development, the same World Vision also also provided a wheel chair to 10-year-old Maxell Malunga from Village Head (VH) Kugona, Traditional Authority Mavwere in Mchinji.

Maxwell suffered from malaria and was unconscious most of the times, a development that led to him being kept in the house. Until today, Maxell neither speaks nor walks. Doctors certified his ailing condition and advised her mother to procure a wheelchair.

“I have had difficulties carrying my child because he is a grown up. I could not take him to church either, but that is now history because of the donation of this wheel chair. I can go with him anywhere he wants unlike before,” said Dorothy Malunga, the mother of the child.

She said without World Vision, there was no way life of her child could have been transformed. “It was difficult for me to handle him because of the condition that my child is facing. All I say is, thanks World Vision,” said Malunga.

While parents of Maxell and Lumbani are singing praise for the assistance, Lukas Babilasi, is another child from GVH Malemia, Traditional Authority Mavwere, who is benefiting from support from Taiwan support office.

Lukas, had his leg amputated at a tender age after the medication he got after falling from a tree did not work.

“My child could not walk, go to school, but when he was given the artificial leg by World Vision things have improved. He can walk and play football with his colleagues and go to school alone,” says Babilasi.

Area Programme Manager Mereena John: “As World Vision and our Support Office from South Korea, we want to ensure that vulnerable children live a normal life that will enable them accomplish their different careers,” said John.



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