Christian fellowship gives to expectant mothers

Kasungu District Hospital

Expectant mothers at Kasungu District Hospital had all reasons to smile over the weekend after a fellowship in the district gave them various items.

According to the fellowship, Springs of Grace Ministries, they wanted to show people that they practice what they preach.

“We thought we should help expectant mothers at the hospital just to show the people the importance of sharing. Expectant mothers need a lot of support so we thought we should give them a little that we can,” said head of the Ministry, Pastor Peter Chumachandiwo.

Kasungu District Hospital
Kasungu District Hospital

Pastor Chumachandiwo further said that they plan to reach out to other people.

“We plan to raise a lot of money and next we want to reach out to all the patients in the hospital not just a section,” he said.

The Pastor also thanked members of the ministry for supporting the initiative.

One of the women, Doress Kambewa said she was very thankful to the ministry.

“The items we have received will really go a long way since as expectant mothers we need special food and most of us can’t afford,” said Kambewa.

The items that Springs of Grace Ministries donated include Flour, vegetables, clothes and various groceries.



  1. See how generous we are.Give us more money and we will be even more generous.Of course we need to take out all our expenses and salaries first.
    we couldn’t do anything if we weren’t paid enough.

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