Chiefs back Mutharika, fault calls for his resignation


Chiefs in Malawi have expressed disapproval on calls for President Peter Mutharika to resign following numerous challenges that have rocked the country.

The development follows a Public Affairs Committee (PAC) meeting held in the Blantyre aimed at putting down views from different stakeholders to address the economic and hunger crisis.


With the calls. (File)

During the meeting, members from opposition parties called for resignation of the Malawi leader arguing that he is responsible for the challenges that the country is facing.

Speaking during a press briefing, some chiefs have pleaded for patience arguing that the challenges have been there since the country was granted self-governance in 1964.

“This is not for the first time that people are eating madeya, during Kamuzu’s reign people ate madeya as well as during the era of Bakili Muluzi. The meeting that PAC had was aimed at bringing solutions not calling for someone to resign” said Paramount Chief Lundu from Chikwawa.

On his part, Paramount Chief Kyungu from Karonga said calls to have Mutharika impeached will worsen the situation in the country.

“As chiefs we are not in support of the idea to force the President to resign, Malawi has challenges yes, but they are not there because we have Mutharika, for example the issue of floods that have led to hunger crisis, I don’t think he is responsible for the floods as others have said that he is responsible for all the challenges” said Kyungu.

Kyungu further urged journalists to be “nation builders” arguing that the country lies on journalists to feed the country with information.

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