A hard year for Malawi’s stock exchange

John Kamanga
John Kamanga
Kamanga: We hard a lot of problems.

The Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) has lamented that the year 2015 has not been good as its performance has slightly decreased because few investors came in to register at the stock exchange.

Chief Executive officer for MSE, John Kamanga, said out of 14 investors, only nine have registered an indication that economically things are not fine.

“The returns on investments have not been good as we have slightly decreased in terms of return on investments,” said Kamanga.

He further said that the country’s economic challenges have affected their work in the sense that the Kwacha was devalued against the dollar.

He added that Malawi’s inflation is currently at 25 to 27 percent and they have hope that more investors will come in to invest with MSE.



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