FAM Polls: Yabwanya for improved player’s welfare

Willy Yabwanya Phiri

With less than five days to go before the much anticipated Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Nkopola in Mangochi, presidential hopeful Willy Yabwanya Phiri says his administration will improve players’ welfare in the country.

Speaking during his manifesto launch on Friday, Yabwanya Phiri said time has come to treat players with the respect they deserve.

Willy Yabwanya Phiri
Yabwanya Phiri: We need change.

He said it was not right to show concern and contribute money to help funeral and burial arrangements when someone is deceased instead of helping him whilst alive.

He gave an example of former Flames and Big Bullets left back late Douglas Chirambo who died in April this year after being diagnosed with a brain tumor but failed to undergo treatment in South Africa due to financial constraints.

“One issue that pains me deeply and won’t go without mentioning is how Douglas Chirambo died.”

“We would have saved him had it been that our association took an initiative to give him the much needed support medically. As such, my administration will make sure that measures are put in place to deal with such issues urgently,” he said.

Yabwanya Phiri will battle it out against the incumbent FA president Walter Nyamilandu and Wilkins Mijiga on 12 December.



  1. If i was in capacity to vote Yabwanya would have been the candidate.the reason behind is about him heiping players and teams with his own money instead of applying for donations.10yrs+4.mmmh,its high time concentrate on family now.

  2. If I were Walter ndikanango zitaya izi, nanga munthu upulezident mpana 10 yrs no achievment basi nkhani izingokhala tinasewela bwino kungoti zinativuta kugoletsa!! Nde kukanikako kumeneko. Olo sapota akukakamila Nyamilanduyo ndekusowa nzelu or hv u bn blind folded? Nanga anthu mukuchita kuona kuti munthuyu anakhala kalekale pampando koma ngati dziko palibe chimene taphulapo. Tiyeni tioneko new blood ku FAM Mwina zinthu nkusintha.

  3. Vuto ndi ma candidate anuwo ndi ana kwa nyamilandu, mijiga ndi ndani kwa walter? Yabwanya ndi ndi ndani kwa walter? Katengeni ena awa achepa akupikisana ndi munthu wa ma bodyguard awiri sangamake.

  4. Kkkkkkk Tinazolowera izi papepala timatha kwambiri koma comes on the ground mmmmm!Paralell .Now guys mark my word WALTER will carry the day.Too much politics in football.kkkkkkkk

  5. yess we need change its really high time we have that change but now the problem is that we don’t have the guys to compete against Walter these two guys are far much away from what Walter is and honestly they just can’t win trust me. …..they seem not to have any idea about what Malawi football is all about and sports in general. ….they might be good in other fam offices but not presidency they just can’t do a thing in there listen to how and what they were telling the nation.,,..just not impressive @all and then listen to Walter the guy has got the brains guys let’s not waste time and the little resources we have Mijiga and Yabwanya should just give up and now because the outcome of the elections are very obvious even to themselves. …so if they really care about Malawi football let them surrender and stop the elections in doing that we gonna save money and time if anything let these two guys go for other offices and support Walter

  6. 14 yrs ndiyambiri guys anakakhala wanzeru anakakhala atasinthako zinthu or timpase 4 yrs sangapange chilichonse tiyeni titasegula maso athu guys tiyeni tiyeseko ena. By the way why azikazi a Walter amangomwalira pa ngozi za galimoto? findout why?

  7. If there will be no corruption/votegate, the chances of winning are very high for Mr Yabwanya. God be with him! Yabwanya yomweyo kuli wawawa!!

  8. kkkkkk amalawi tulo silizatha mukufuna kunena kuti malawi yonseyi wanzeru ndi nyamilandu basi anabadwa ali fam president akadzamwalira fam idzathela pompo sichoncho

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