My brother Bingu stole billions – APM


…There will always be corruption in every society

Malawi President Peter Mutharika revealed in an interview with BBC Hard Talk that his brother Bingu wa Mutharika stole over 30% of public funds during the 7 years that he was president.

Pinned by hard hitting Hard Talk’s Zeinab Badawi to comment on allegations that 35% of public funds were stolen under Bingu wa Mutharika’s watch, the young Mutharika said the claims were indeed true.

Bingu wa Mutharika's Ndata Mansion

Bingu wa Mutharika dubiously constructed Ndata mansion

“Well, it is true! Corruption has been there for decade and even before that. There will always be corruption in every society” declared Peter Mutharika who Bingu had handpicked as rightful heir to presidential throne.

He however said what was unique with Malawi is that the country did not have the resources to match the the funds that are being looted.

“The problem with Malawi is that corruption is happening when we have very limited resources to the extent that we have nothing left”.

As minister in the Bingu wa Mutharika administration, reports emerged that Peter Mutharika had fraudulently procured a Malawi Housing Corporation house.

While Bingu came under public scrutiny after constructing Ndata Mansion.

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