My brother Bingu stole billions – APM

Bingu wa Mutharika's Ndata Mansion

…There will always be corruption in every society

Malawi President Peter Mutharika revealed in an interview with BBC Hard Talk that his brother Bingu wa Mutharika stole over 30% of public funds during the 7 years that he was president.

Pinned by hard hitting Hard Talk’s Zeinab Badawi to comment on allegations that 35% of public funds were stolen under Bingu wa Mutharika’s watch, the young Mutharika said the claims were indeed true.

Bingu wa Mutharika's Ndata Mansion
Bingu wa Mutharika dubiously constructed Ndata mansion

“Well, it is true! Corruption has been there for decade and even before that. There will always be corruption in every society” declared Peter Mutharika who Bingu had handpicked as rightful heir to presidential throne.

He however said what was unique with Malawi is that the country did not have the resources to match the the funds that are being looted.

“The problem with Malawi is that corruption is happening when we have very limited resources to the extent that we have nothing left”.

As minister in the Bingu wa Mutharika administration, reports emerged that Peter Mutharika had fraudulently procured a Malawi Housing Corporation house.

While Bingu came under public scrutiny after constructing Ndata Mansion.



  1. Koma kuti when asked that the looting started during the reign of late brother Bingu in a government in which he was also a minister he failed to give a convicing answer on that.

  2. stop nosense and stupt stories,,,,penapake its bettr to stay Quit rather than kusokosa ncholinga chot ena azizakamba za inu munaphedwa ndi boma,,,zimenezi pewani achinyamata kutchuka sititchuka pokamba nkhani zolimbana ndi Boma ayi,tiyeni tipeze zochita zathu kut anthu azitiloza nor zimenezozo plz guys.

  3. Ndikumvetsedwa kuti bigman ankangobwebweta zilizonse nkutheka kunena zimenezi off camera tinaliko,,, ngati??? Nangazoti anagwa???

  4. fabricated news and is false,that what i said that not all pple love their country,dont be forced with works of darkness God will punish u.

  5. Thuts total lie,i watched n listen the whole interview bt not evn a single word sayd my brother Bingu stoles billions of tax payers money,pliz learn to say the truth okie.

  6. Who stays at Ndata Mansion? Is this a government house? Can we turn it into something productive such as a state of the art hospital like we did with the state house in Lilongwe or at least a modern hotel which will attract tourists for the benefit of all Malawians? Ndalama zakuba….

  7. I think that is just a scapegoat instead of telling pipo the truth that u hav failed the country…. Stupid excuse as it is. Your brother atleast did some good development that up to now we can see, how about u?

  8. Sizoona. Olo munthu atakhala chitsilu choti chimaonetsa maliseche chikaledzera, sanganene kuti m’bale wake ndi mbava kumauza anthu. Amangodziwa yekha kuti achimwenewatu ngakuba.

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  12. Nothing of this was said I watched the interview on bbc hard talk .Please don’t mislead Malawian

  13. interview ija vuto inali muchizungu ndiye mwina tipemphe ayinene muchisena.ine ndiye ndainve kambirimbiri koma sindinanveko zimenezi mwina pa Zodiak anaika i na UMBULI kkkkkkmk

  14. Koma olemba nkhani inu ndi dzitsiru bwanji…Chizungu chakuvutani kumva eti..Maujeni anu

  15. If the brother indeed did that and he was a very senior minister throughout his brother’s reign, should take it that his hands are clean? Crying for my beloved country. Is this the Malawi we all wanted to have when we fought for change? Mwaona zokhulupirira matchonazi….

    1. nanunso mukungokhulupilira ndizabodza zomwe koma kwanu kuli dstv moti simunamvere ndikuonela zimene analakhula #APM nanga zikugwilizana ndizimene alemba apazi zabodzazi

  16. What actually Peter said was that “Stealing has been there for a long time even before his late brother became president.” This was in response to Zeinab’s telling Peter that he was adviser, education and then foreign minister during his late brother’s reign.This is an acceptance that they participated in Stealing!!!!!!!

  17. mmmmmm it seems inu a MW 24 mwatumidwa coz this is not journalism i know and from now on wards i will never trust what you report since you are useless

  18. Aaa. Timakukondani a news ya Malawi24 pa nkhani zambiri kuphatikizapo za stolen punani. Koma nkhani yokhayi mupangisa kuwononga mbiri yanu. Muzinena chilungamo kuti zinthu ziziyenda bwino mdziko. Chomwe Kamuzu adaletsera atola nkhani ku Malawi zina mwa izo ndi zimenezi. Umbuli, kunama, kusoweka chilungamo ndi ziphuphu. Mukuwononga zinthu mwadala. Dziko mukuliwononga nokha.

  19. Even ineyo ndili ku madede,i watched de news live on tv bt i ddnt heard about accusations of his brother.why you take us as blind pipo? Shit!


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  22. Enafe stinaonere nao but wht i cn point out is that each & every mwn president get their share through ‘KUSOLOLA’ when in power atcheya, bingu, amayi even APM himself is sucking from our ‘saka bag’ tidzamva in 4yrs to come. Koma page inonso mwaonjeza mpaka pamenepo?

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  26. He must just steal his own.its like is telling us that there is more robbery coming, we not dome we smart they only made us to be victims of voiceless.

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  27. You know Willard; Many people don’t take part if their relative spending worse , this is a public fund n pipo must know the truth what happened during His brothers rein cause I also held that peter told the Nation that even Joyce Banda also stole alot . Its a cue if peter also will lose the other president to come will do the same its their life style of Malawian presidency .

  28. ya must convince us that he stole over 30% of public funds. ànd there is no need to say this to us cause we gonna benefit nothing. but what we want is to be taken out from the egypt cause we are starving.

  29. No, if there is truth He must talk truth not brother against brother. The problem is Malawian people are happy if the public fund are stolen. Koma akananena zabodza Peter inu kukhosi mbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

    1. mw 24 is a company aided by JBs son. so they will do wotever it takes to make sure thhe wicked wman gets into power, rmember how she killedd bingu just to get into power??

    2. mw 24 is a company aided by JBs son. so they will do wotever it takes to make sure thhe wicked wman gets into power, rmember how she killedd bingu just to get into power??

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