Malawi sent packing at Cecafa

Malawi Flames- cosafa

The Flames have crashed out of the 2015 DSTV Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup after being thumped by the Cranes of Uganda in Addis Ababa.

Rafique Miya scored a free header in the 6th minute of the first half to put Uganda in front before another cool finish from Ceasar Okhutu in the 48th minute ended the game as a contest.

This was the two sides’ second meeting in four months, having played each other on 6th July during Malawi’s Independence Day celebrations in which the Flames recorded a 1-0 victory courtesy of Chiukepo Msowoya’s last gasp thumping header.

But on Monday afternoon, it was the Cranes who controlled everything as they attacked from all angles like angry vipers. Malawi only created less than four chances throughout the entire 90 minutes of play. Simplex Nthara was at fault for both goals as he conceded silly goals at the near post.

Malawi Flames- cosafa
Flames out of Cecafa.

Nevertheless, the Flames of Malawi were below par as Chimango Kaira and Gerald Phiri Jnr failed to control the midfield, allowing the Cranes to come hard on Malawi’s defence.

After scoring early, the Ugandans were in control of possession and could have increased their lead through their first goal scorer but his shot went wide.

At the other end, Msowoya failed to connect well from a John Banda cross allowing the Cranes to recover and clear the danger away.

Mtawali’s boys were enduring a bad afternoon as their style of play was not convincing, they created fewer chances and were seen chasing the ball throughout the entire opening minutes and after 45 minutes of play, the Flames were trailing by a goal to nothing.

In the second half, it was the same old story of conceding in the early minutes. Yamikani Fodya was cleanly beaten by a Ugandan winger who released Okhutu to the right flank of the field and he made no mistake but to slot past Nthara at the near post, 2-0.

This goal forced the Flames to introduce Nelson Kangunje and Isaac Kaliati for Shumaker Kuwali and Phiri Jnr respectively. Banda had his long range effort well saved by the Ugandan shot stopper who shortly made another save to deny Msowoya from scoring.

Nthara was forced to make a stunning save for a corner after an exchange of passes by the Cranes’ players in midfield resulted in an atttempt at goal.

Flames coach made his final substitution with 19 minutes to play when he brought in Chawanangwa Kaonga for Miracle Gabeya but this change made no impact as the Ugandans defended with discipline at the back. The Flames tried their level best to come back into the game but the 13 times Cecafa champions stood firm to advance to the semifinal stages of the cup, 2-nil, it ended. Speaking to the media in the aftermath of his team’s exit, Mtawali said his team deserved to be booted out.

“We didnt play well today and we deserved this result.

Despite exiting, my boys have learnt something and as we are preparing for Guinea in the crucial 2017 Afcon qualifier, we will be in a very good position,” he said.

Malawi have failed to go past the quarterfinal stage of the competition for the past five competitions.

The tournament will end on 6 December but the Flames have decided to cut it short and will be back in the




  1. Mbudzi za ma player, the money that government is wasting to this team is better to buy medicine for our hospitals. This team is full of shit.

  2. When it comes to football, I am not Malawian

  3. tingosiya mpira titenge ndalamazo tipereke ku MDF tilembere anthu ntchito kuti ateteze dziko lathuli koposa tizingotaya ndalama no phindu kkkkk

  4. Flames(national team)ikadangotha ingosala netball the Queens Bolan Tizingoonela maclub,siizi kumangoononga mmalo mot ndalamazo azipereka ku malaw queens cifukwa nd omwe akukweza mbendela ya dziko lino

  5. Palibe timu yomwe simaluza. akataika, saoleka. komabe ma coach asamachulutse kusinthasintha ma player! flames our team! love yuu 4ever

  6. Ngati kuli kuyesa,nde tidzayesa tsabola pa bala,kukoza team kani ku Malawi kuno kunalibe team eish ndaziva relo….

  7. KKKKKK building ateam till when? mukuona ngat maiko anzathu amaseweresa anthu akuluakulu saganiza? anawo pali under 17, ndi under 20, shame

  8. Ma cosh alibe vuto agalu ndi ma plays wo kod muli ndi sure kuti timaplays tatuti tingalimbane ndi anthu amaiko ena? Mpira tiyeni tizionera wa ku england span geryman flance blazil basi not malawi malawi is full of shet mbuzi zamano kumozi or kwapasa club ya kaizer chiefs aluzabe basi

  9. Malawians, take comfort in the fact that you played a good team that qualified for CHAN.

    If Uganda had fielded players from clubs around the region in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, DR Congo, e.t.c … it would have been embarrassing! 🙂

  10. essau kanyenda, frank banda, joseph kamwendo. Robert ng’ambi abwelek ku flames apunzise anawa mpira osati am building the team ndi ana okha okha zakumachende basi

  11. UNE IKUMBA MBUMU JOMBA YAKUTENDA MA FLEMES WAWA BOLA DEDZA ( koma mwayesesa chifukwa kuluza two simasewela chamuna chomwe)

  12. Loosing !!! Its normal for Flames . I wondered what went wrong for these guys to win the first two games??? Now it has been normalized. All the officials now should know giving money to flames for its various purposes ndikubesa … Why not we should just be playing super league until 2060 so that we use money for flames in other things

  13. Dziko lilibe chuma,odwala alibe mankhwala ndi chokudya, njala yavuta inu mukuononga ndalama zochuluka pa masewera opanda phindu. DPP, nzeru zavutapotu apa. Machende anu mukaona ngati kuyendesa dziko nkophweka eti. Nkamwa mopanda manomo galu iwe. Osayamba wathesa mpira ukuononga ndalamawu bwanji? Lero ananyero inu mungozunza anthu basi. Zinthu zakukanikani koma kukakamila.

  14. Pajatu ndinanena kuti Malawi imafuna mphwepwa team ya fungo sangathe nta kwao ndi ku bandulidwa basi ndiye Malawi imeneyo Malawi means losing

  15. Koma flames inandikanika ine,.kupanga qualify imalephera,akaimvera chisoni n’kuiyitanira kuti akangopanganao partcipate zmakaluzaso.kugomera nsima 2much.mxewww

  16. palibe chodabwitsa apa tidazolowera kuluza kazingobwerani anyamata tipitilize superleague yathu

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  18. aammwemo ife amalawi timatchuka ndikuba ngati amaba presdent nanga inu mutani timatchuka ndikumenyedwa ku southAfrica kuba ukwelana ndi satanic kadziko kakang’ono koma zitopotopo mbwe kabwelani mitu yowumayo moti musewele mpila muganiza zokwata matako anu ndithu zitsilu inu mahule anu akudikililani mahule mkwatawa osasambawa bola musatipatse ebola michila yosadulayo gaga ali tho ku mbolo

  19. Whether you like it or not Kinnah is the Best Player as well as the best coach the country has ever produced.Give him back the team and let others assist him going around the country looking for talents.sanje lekani..Regionolism siyani..

  20. Kod a Malawi mumangofulumira kunyoza bwanj? Kod mesa tournament kuti ithe pamafunika kut ene aziluza aztuluka,ndiye mukungobwebwetuka chan apa zautsiru bas

  21. Every New Coach wants to make his own team instead of building on what others had already laid out.

  22. coach uyu ndikuwona ngati ntchito yamukulira amzache amamenya ndimatimu ngati ivory coast ,Ghana ,Egypt koma pena kuwina kapena draw. ndiponso anyamata ena akadalipo achina Joseph Kamwendo osawayesanso bwanji msguys amenewa.

  23. A Malawi Koma ufiti. Ukanakhala mpikisano otamba akanawina. Dziko lochititsa manyazi muchilichonse ili.

    1. Nde English unazama nayotu m’bale…nanga mpaka “booted out IN” komanso “charange” ???? Zipatso za #Elia_Kananji zimenezo? Kkkkkkkk

  24. I have seen a stupid coach like this Mtawali guy. First, he phases out all experienced and better players and brings in a band of under20 failures in the name of building a team for AFCON and WORLD CUP. Result is, his team got eliminated by Tanzania and now at CECAFA it has been embarrassed even by unknown entity South Sudan and Uganda, surprisingly,Mtawali keeps building castles in the air. Next is powerhouse Guinea who boast of several European based professionals.Is there any hope with this trend of results? NOPE.

    What baffles me is Mtawali’s boastful attitude and yet he knows his so-called project is failing. He thinks his team was preparing for AFCON, really? Mtawali knows that many teams now like to use strong and big players with some experience in them and yet he decided to concentrate on weak, short, young, and inexperienced players who haven’t proved anything at any level. His junior players from under 20 couldn’t prove their completeness by failing to pass through Zambia in the Africa under 20 qualifier, how then can the same players be used in a more competitive AFCON let alone CECAFA?

    Mtawali must know that young players can not be rushed into the thick of things because using them is a big risk that would result in wastage of resources tax payers contribute.He should also understand that the generation of young players in Malawi is less privileged meaning to say they don’t transition from youth academies and lack fully fledged technical skills in them, but are just introduced into club engagement with no proper structures to sharpen their raw talent. This is why such players need constant monitoring until they attain a ready level to represent the Flames.

    It will take some few years before the likes of Sanudi, Gabeya, Kaliyati,Kawonga,Sailesi etc can be complete players and represent Malawi. I believe at the moment, Malawi can not do away with Kanyenda, Nyondo, Kamwendo, Ng’ambi,Nyirenda, Mkanda, Mzava,Frank Banda,Tawonga Chimodzi, and Chimodzi Junior because these are the only best players until a program to put in place football development is in reality.

    Mtawali is there to destroy Malawian football just like his employers at FAM. He has no technical quality to improve Flames’ performance.His confidence doesn’t make sense because results are telling the opposite. It is even better to bring back Kinnah Phiri assisted by Yassin Osman than have this failing duo of Mtawali and Rammadan. We will not go far with this team of coaches, but Nyamilandu is to blame. He has never impressed me with his decisions.

  25. Tidachita zibwana game ya South Sudan coz tidakawina that game we could have played with a possible easy game that came second in the other group

  26. U don’t try a team in the quarterfinal.even the commentators said frames was disgruntled they didn’t know what was going on.I think we need seriousness in the way we approach these games.ntawali u can’t talk of guinea when we are failing to beat uganda .just accept we have goofed.mungoenela kukwela sitima ya katundu pobwela matikitiwo agulitsidwe tigule chimanga wish guys mwationjeza.Mpira wanji wopanda cross.mukakhala makwanumo nkumati ndine was arsenal,one wa man u ine man city Kofi mpiravmmene amasewelela simumadziwa. Fisds yomweyi mpira imaika pansi inu Vito ndi chain.

  27. Thats flamez i know,ikawina ndekuti yagwera/yapikuka,malawi amaziwika ndikuba(cashgate)osati mpira,zibwerani tizidzala poti mvula ikugwa,mer mpoyamba.

  28. Kinnah was a light person to manage flames. We watch soccer out side, when a team have new players the only use one per game or two. I have never see the coache removing all senior players and bringing new. Zimatiwawa

  29. iwe malawi inavala za green komanso kugonja kwa frames timufunse goal keeper . Mipira yomwe inagoletsedwa ineyo ndikanagwiranso ndi dzamja limodzi iyaaa!

    1. Imaluza akamasankha squad,isananyamuke imaluziratu,zizachirendo zamagolewo, ife ndichoncho,mwina zizayenda ife titakalamba

  30. Coaching is a very big problem, he doesn’t have tactics of coaching. Kinnah wa

  31. Kukhala m’Malawi m’kulimba mtima abale, uwelenge ku Malawi24 umva team yathu yathibulidwa two nill, ukatinso uwelengekonso The Nation umva m’silikali wathu waphedwa ku Congo ndiye choncho nanga nkutani

    1. A bb amapanga matamadi,amati flames ndi bb,remember, kunena kwa ndithendithe nanthambwe anazitengera,bulletsi yaluzadi.

    1. Zavuta zavuta guyz osamangoti coach dzana mumati bullets nduyomwe yawina pano mwasintha nkhani mukuti malawi yaluza mpila why guyz? Tiyeni tizisapotela malawi pamodzi osati popeza wagoletsa ndiwa bullets mpaka tive mmimba?

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