Malawians among countries behind serious crime in South Africa

South Africa Police

South Africa has named Malawians among foreign nationals from 13 countries that are committing various crimes in the rainbow nation.

South Africa PoliceAccording to South Africa National Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega foreign nationals from 13 countries have been tracked down by police for committing crimes in South Africa.

“The SAPS crime intelligence has tracked foreign nationals from 13 countries that have contributed to various types of crimes,” she told Parliament’s portfolio committee on police, during the release of the 2014/15 crime statistics.

She said these countries were Malawi,Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Congo, Tanzania, Bulgaria and China.

“When you look at the statistics’ performances of Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and partly Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, you understand pressures on policing,” she said.




  2. stupid malawians…this is not a guess..
    it’s a report from the SA polioce…
    it says SAPS crime intelligence tracked this,
    and it’s according to statistics as well..
    it’s not a blame on foreigners,zambia is not
    part of the list,coz zambians are peaceful,botswana,
    uganda and many others aren’t there..
    don’t even say you’re good people or peaceful,
    you’re thiefs and criminals..ndirande in blantyre is
    an example of who you are

    1. “everything they do”…are you also one of those
      malawian criminals?..that’s your culture of going to
      SA…doing illegal things and lie that you go for jobs,
      what kind of jobs?..malawians do a lot of crimes also in
      many other countries like DRC and zambia,read the news

  3. Ndi zoona nakha ngati mukuchita kuyambisa ma squad ati moshale,g unit mukulakwisa zithu ndinu amangochi nde mukuchukisa ma crime

  4. Tru Mondi James Mkorongo not serious crimes only 2 out of ten then there are just petty crimes. The white people who happens to be in serious crimes with Nigerians are not mentioned.

  5. Malawi Govnment gotta problem by selling our Passport to other nations who wanna just killed our cool history

  6. May be its true otherwise it might be politics coz wat i know is that, the most trusted people in SouthAfrica are malawians now where is this coming from?.

  7. Iwould not side with my fellow countrymen who say Malawians are not criminals in Mzansi..even here in Malawi the country have been hit with cases of crimes for recently…our Mw government is no longer employing its citizens coz of economical wooes so what do you expect these citizens to do when they travel to other countries where there is also pressure for jobs?…

  8. Once you catch a malawian , i mean you police officers Go straight where malawia are staying and ask them to talk to him in our mother language . Am talking this coz most of Zimbabweans are using malawian passports . We will be facing problems in the name of malawi .

  9. That’s the results of selling our passport to other Nationals icant mention, just last month someone holding our passport stole aPolice Vein at the garage only to findout he’s nat legitimate citizen.

  10. Ine ndikudziwa za zimbabwe,mozambique n nigeria so za malawizo nde zitinxo izi cz mi ndili ku joweni komkuno kma amalawi sitikutchulidwapo

  11. What they saying is true,we have become very greedy,don’t hate them for saying the truth.if you love there and have the heart to agree you will agree.we have become choors of different type from kugona mashop to stealing cars.

    1. I don’t agree with you brother. There are people who are committing crimes on a daily basis and I don’t see Malawians being amongst those that murder 49 people nationally daily and I don’t see a Malawian being amongst rapists that rape 2 women / girls nationally every single minute.I agree that in Johannesburg Braamfontein to be specific,there are some copycats who are painting a bad picture of Malawi but not worthy the salt.

    2. Read the headings brother it says Malawians are amongst those people who commit matter on a daily bases or not on a daily bases.Im a Malawian and living in South Africa since before Mandela became a president,so I can tell the differences in all the towns and Cities not only disagree but I agree according to what I’ve seen and what I know and what’s happening in SA.

  12. That’s not true it’s a scapegoat.Go to Michels Plain and search for Malawians that are selling drugs.In Joburg there are certain few places where Malawians are learning to do crimes mostly in old abandoned buildings known as mortuaries and quiet streets.Lets call a spade by its real name

  13. People are geting advantage of using Malawi as title of everything bad because of stupidness of malawian leaders

    1. Error Is Ahuman,,,dont Judges On Somebody’s Mistek,,it Z Speechless To Hear Dat U Ar THe One Who Make These Leader To 4get Their Job Bcoz U Ar Just Sitting Phwiiiii Wth Your Weak Hand-WHAT FOR??….I Thnk wen we Work Hand To Hand,then u cant see the stupidness leaders u ar talking about,, Think big bro to Mek Malawi Popular.

  14. not true, malawians are good people, they can do that. Maybe they are other nationals who got malawian passport since it is very easy to obtain it here thru bribery. Vaboza vo ana xeno imwi.

  15. The best term do describe tht Diabolic infection of the SA govt would be”AFR0PHORBIA”!where are the chinese and Pakistanis in their list?ha!

  16. And its true I listened to the commissioner’s speed that Malawians r commits more crimes in RSA shame to our leaders

  17. I sense that this page bringing the right issue,, Malawian killing each other,Malawian betraying each other so if someone in here saying asowa zolemba and sitithandiza chani Malawian are putting other fellow Malawians into sham guys go to Alexander, Roodepoort, princess,honeydew ,some Malawian directing criminals to attack others,last night the same thing happened in munsieville kumupeleka nzake kuzigawenga iye wangoyima akuseka

  18. eeetu thngz shud b lyk dat akuthawa mavuto in Malawi&nothn 2do rather than being abroad,wat imin iz:ntchto zkusowa in south africa ther4 no any minz coz thy thnk dat evn wen thy b bak azapanga chan nd nyansi zakumalawiz!!Am nt encouragin ther bad behaviour bt ‘chonde’ Malawian Gvt shd do somthn 2 enpowr gheto youths coz mmmm tkaptriza crimes wl nevr end &and do u thnk akawathamangsa wat wl thy b doin’,,”!!kumpanje2!!!

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