Kuiphula ndi shake-shake to make 3 millionaires this month


Three people, one from each region, are on the verge of walking away with two million Kwacha each as Chibuku Products Limited’s ‘kuiphula ndi shake-shake’ promotion draws closer to an end.

As one way of supporting its customers, Chibuku Products Limited on 1st October this year introduced ‘Kuiphula ndi Shake Shake’ promotion which according to the company’s Marketing Manager Henry Mbweza, the promotion is part of its 55th anniversary celebrations.

 Mbweza then encouraged people to buy more in the remaining days of the promotion saying Chibuku is brewed to add joy and happiness to people and that as beverage, it has stood the test of time and it still provides the same taste to generations.

“We at Chibuku, believes in giving our consumers value for their money, as such our Product is fairly priced that one can get this fresh beer at only MK500 for a one litre bottle. Chibuku Products Ltd believes that its existence is due to the excellent support it constantly gets from its valued customers.

“As we wrap up the Kuiphula ndi shake shake Promotion, we encourage all consumers to continue participating in the promotion as there are still many prizes to be won including the big prizes of k2 million per region. , Buy more, Drink more, you might be the next Millionaire!!” said Mbweza.

He further added that Chibuku is a traditional beer which is a nutritious health drink and it also serves as food and provides energy and it has a short shelf life of 7 days and its alcohol content by volume reaches  3.5% when matured.

The Kuiphula ndi Shake-shake Promotion which runs up to 31st December, has seen winners going away with great prizes such as Fertilizer, Bicycles, Cash and T-shirts, just to mention a few.

It is reported that the Chibuku Products Limited has in total invested Forty Million Kwacha to run the promotion.