K1 million winner says he thought win was fraud


The man who has won K1 million in the FDH Bank “Kukonza Tsogolo Promotion” is a police officer and he says he suspected fraud when he received a call from the bank.

The winner has been identified as Sergeant Alfred Lucius Makwasa of Chikwawa Police Station.

When he was contacted after the draw this morning, Makwasa told FDH officials that he is not poor.

“I have money. In fact, I am going to buy a car now. There are a lot of poor people out there. Give the money to them, not me,” he said.

After a follow up by FDH officials, Makwasa has now accepted his prize.

He has told the local media in an interview that he suspected that it was fraudsters when the bank called him and his initial response was aimed at warning the fraudsters not to call him again.

“I have accepted the money and I am so delighted that I have won K1 million as you know how tough life is now. I am grateful to FDH Bank for the promotion,” Makwasa said.

K1 million winner rejects prize

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