Two arrested for attempting to sell boy


Police at Namwera Police Post in Mangochi have arrested two men who were offering a 4-year-old boy for sale.

Mangochi Police Station Publicist Sub-Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi said the incident occurred on October 6 at Namwera Trading Centre.

Daudi added that the suspects have been identified as Rafick Anussa, 41, and Anusa Wilson, 21, both from Sailesi village Traditional Authority Katuli in Mangochi.

“It is reported that, last week the suspects approached Jawadu Bernard a well-known businessman at Namwera Trading Centre and told him that they sell human beings and bones,” said Daudi.

The publicist went on to say that Bernard tricked the duo into bringing him a human being at a later date but he informed the Police about the issue.

On Wednesday afternoon, the suspects brought the 4-year old boy to Bernard at a price of K500,000.

The buyer lied to the duo that he was running out of cash and also wanted to hire a motor vehicle for easy movements and agreed that the two should take the boy to a nearby bush where the deal would be finalized.

He then sneaked out and alerted the police who went together to the said place where the suspects were immediately arrested.

Meanwhile, the victim’s parents have been traced and the police have since handed him over.

The suspects will be taken to the court to answer the charge of trafficking in person contrary to Section 15 as read with Section 2(g) of trafficking in persons act number 3 of 2015 which attracts maximum penalty of 21 years imprisonment with hard labour.

The police have since thanked members of the general public for their support in the fight against crime in the district.