Namadingo in fundraising campaign for guitarist Kachigamba


Musician Patience Namadingo has embarked on a fundraising campaign for guitarist William Kachigamba.

Kachigamba who has cancer need money for travel and medical expenses as he looks to go to Zambia to get treatment.

Namadingo, in a bid to raise funds, is at the site for the proposed Mahatma Gandhi statue where he has camped and posed as a statue. The musician has not had any food as he looks to raise K3 million for the guitarist.

According to reports, Namadingo had already raised K2.3 million by Tuesday evening and was remaining with K700,000.

The Blantyre City Council has given him permission to camp at the site for starting today up to August 28.

On his Facebook page where the event is being streamed live, Namadingo has shared the following accounts.

Patience Namadingo

FDH acc # 1850001019338

National Bank Acc # 1683497

Peter Mazunda

Airtel money # 0994875515

TNM Mpamba # 0888950279

Western Union / Money Gram Name: Patience Namadingo

City: Blantyre

Country: Malawi