Malawians asked to assist blind people

Kumwenda: Any person who is blind has potential.

The Malawi Union of the Blind (MUB) has asked the general public to assist people who are visually impaired and give them opportunities just as other citizens of this country.

MUB’s Executive Director Ezekiel Kumwenda made the remarks Thursday, 4th January which is a day when people who are blind commemorates the braille.

The braille is a tool used by the visually impaired for reading and writing.

Kumwenda said time has come to make sure that people who are blind are considered equal in all areas.

According to Kumwenda, any person who is blind has potential of doing anything hence it is important and encouraging that they should be given the opportunity to try their luck.

He went on to say that the well-being of the visually impaired is as important as that of all other persons.

He said the organisation will do all it can to make sure that people who are blind should acquire education to voice out their concerns.

Kumwenda however asked government and other well wishers to assist the organisation with resources such as learning and teaching materials.