MACRA advocates for digital transformation


Daudi Suleman, Director General of the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), has underscored the critical importance of digital transformation in advancing the nation’s development goals. 

Emphasizing the role of digitization in economic growth, Suleman highlighted its alignment with Malawi’s long-term development vision, Malawi 2063.

Suleman points out that addressing sector challenges is crucial to bridging the digital divide, particularly the high cost of smartphones, which limits accessibility. He reveals that only one million out of 14 million registered SIM cards are currently used in smartphones.

To foster a more inclusive digital environment, Suleman calls for increased investment in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), enhanced digital infrastructure, and robust cybersecurity measures. 

By tackling these issues, he believes that Malawi can better harness the benefits of digitization for its socio-economic development.


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