Mtambo promises to continue the SKC agenda to transform Malawi


Vice President of the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, has assured Malawians that the agenda to transform Malawi which started with the departed Saulosi Klaus Chilima is continuing and will not be stopped until the country is liberated.

Mtambo advised the UTM family that whether one likes it or not, a better Malawi is coming in 2025, no one should intimidate them and they should not allow anyone to threaten them saying Malawi is their heritage and developing it, is their generation’s mandate.

He said at 60 years old, Malawi needs an economic liberation and Revolution, the Agenda which Chilima fought for, claiming that Malawi needs new leaders with new ideas of wishing the country well, not these recycled politicians saying their time is over.

Speaking during a Candlelight memorial service for Chilima and eight others, who died in a mysterious tragic plane crash held at Nthungwa in the Chikangawa forest on Saturday 6th July Independence Day celebrations, Mtambo assured UTM members that they are not alone in a quest to fight for a new Malawi.

Mtambo said Malawi has no reason to celebrate 60 years of Independence but to cry on a day like this one for two reasons; the death of Chilima and eight others, and 60 years of Malawi engaging itself in a serious reverse gear.

He said Malawi is still in the wilderness, everyone is crying to see light from darkness saying at this moment, no one should threaten them lamenting that at 60 years old, Malawians are in a hunger crisis and their roads are death traps citing Karonga Road.

AFORD Veep has advised youth holding Candlelight memorial services for Chilima and eight others, to continue doing this in every district in Malawi for darkness to conquer light assuring them that a brighter future which Chilima fought for, is possible.

“The spirit of Saulosi Chilima, Henry Masauko Chipembere, and Orton Chirwa is in the youth, let’s hold our hands together as one to build Malawi which has gone backwards instead of moving forward at 60 years,” said Mtambo.

He said God has spoken to Malawians not to retreat, not to be tired that whether one likes it or not, change is coming in 2025, Malawi should not be a country of shame forever, a new Malawi is coming and is possible.


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