Blantyre Health Office receives 18 motorcycles to improve vaccine delivery in hard-to-reach areas


UNICEF has demonstrated their commitment to improving healthcare access by generously donating 18 motorcycles to the Blantyre District Health Office (DHO) to help improve the delivery of vaccines in the district’s remote areas.

These 18 motorcycles have been designated for use by community volunteers, specifically for the crucial task of delivering routine immunization vaccines to the district’s remote and hard-to-reach areas.

The donation was made possible through the Direct Delivery of Routine Immunization Vaccines for Equity (DRIVE) initiative.

Dr. Gift Kawalazira
Kawalazira: We are grateful.

During the official handover ceremony, which took place on Monday, July 1, 2024, Dr. Gift Kawalazira, the Director of Health and Social Services at Blantyre DHO, expressed his gratitude for the generous donation.

Kawalazira also underscored the invaluable utility of these motorcycles in addressing the significant mobility challenges that have previously hindered the efficient provision of immunization services in the district.

He said, “As you have seen we have struggled with different outbreaks in Malawi as well as in Blantyre, we must make sure that we get to the targets of the people that need to be vaccinated to protect them from all outbreaks.

“This is why we are trying different ways and means to engage the community volunteers and seek their support to ensure that they can assist us to get the vaccinations to the people that need the vaccines, and the motorcycles will us on this.”

He further elaborated on the comprehensive approach taken by the Blantyre DHO, emphasizing their ongoing programs dedicated to ensuring widespread vaccine coverage and active community engagement in matters of healthcare delivery.

The Director of Health and Social Services further added that this holistic approach is integral to their mission of promoting accessible and effective healthcare for all members of the community.

One of the community volunteers, Kondwani Kaisi, shared profound optimism regarding the positive impact of motorcycles on the delivery of vaccines in the challenging terrains of the district.

He expressed deep appreciation for the donation, acknowledging that it has effectively mitigated the mobility challenges previously faced, thereby significantly improving the supply of vaccines in the district’s remote and hard-to-reach areas.


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