Salima on high alert for emergencies: DoDMA leads the charge


Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) in Salima engaged with the Disaster Risk Management Committees at the Traditional Authority level to see their preparedness for disaster.

The visit, led by Disaster Risk Management Officer Grolia Kachinagwa, focused on evaluating the committees’ preparedness for potential disasters and discussing their capabilities to manage such emergencies effectively.

Chinagwa explained that the objective of this exercise is to refresh the committees’ knowledge of disaster management, enabling them to effectively respond to disaster-related issues and provide timely assistance to affected individuals.

Daniel Chawanda, who serves as both Vice Chairperson and Secretary of the Area Development and Risk Management Committee (ADRMC) for Mwanza, addressed the meeting, reviewing the committee’s past efforts and outlining future strategies for effective disaster response and management.

The Senior Group Mwanza commended the DoDMA officials for their visit, which demonstrated interest in and support for the committee’s initiatives in disaster risk reduction and management.

He also emphasized that they are encouraging local committees to remain vigilant and conducting meetings to alert residents and farmers living near or cultivating along river banks to exercise caution and be prepared for potential flooding or disasters.


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