Illovo sweetens security, engages communities to combat sugarcane theft

Illovo Sugar

Responding to the ongoing sugarcane theft issues at the Nchalo estate, Illovo Sugar Company has intensified its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to foster stronger community relations. 

The company has launched a three-day health camp in partnership with The Rotary Action Group at Bereu Health Centre in Chikwawa, providing free medical services.

Ricky Pillay, General Manager of Illovo Sugar Company, emphasized that the health camp, aimed at benefiting over 3000 individuals, exemplifies the company’s commitment to community development. 

Ricky Pillay, General Manager of Illovo Sugar Company
The health camp will benefit over 3000 individuals – Pillay.

Pillay expressed confidence that such CSR endeavours would help mitigate sugarcane theft incidents by nurturing positive community engagement.

“In recent months, sugarcane theft has been a challenge at our Nchalo fields. We believe initiatives like these health camps allow us to engage directly with communities and discourage such illegal activities,” Pillay stated.

He highlighted previous efforts, including the distribution of 16,000 bags of maize flour to local communities last month, emphasizing the company’s role in supporting community welfare.

Illovo Sugar Company also plans to harvest approximately 644 metric tonnes of maize from its 46-hectare Nchalo Estate, which will be distributed to villagers in the district as part of its ongoing support.

Paramount Chief Dr. Lundu commended Illovo Sugar Company for its lifesaving initiatives but cautioned against vandalism of company assets. 

The health camp, offering services such as free eye tests, mental health consultations, blood pressure checks, and blood sugar screenings, concludes on Saturday, June 22, 2024.