Breaking News: President Lazarus Chakwera appoints Dr Michael Biswick Usi as Malawi Vice President


In a significant development for Malawi’s political landscape, President Lazarus Chakwera has appointed Dr. Michael Biswick Usi as the Vice President of Malawi. This decision comes following the vacancy in the Vice Presidency and underscores the President’s commitment to ensuring continuity and effective governance.

Dr. Michael Biswick Usi, a prominent figure known for his contributions to public service and leadership, has been selected to fill this crucial role in the executive branch. His appointment follows constitutional procedures outlined in Malawi’s laws, which mandate the President to nominate a Vice President within a specified timeframe after a vacancy occurs.

President Chakwera’s decision has been met with anticipation and approval from various sectors of Malawian society. 

Dr. Usi’s background in public policy and his dedication to serving the nation are expected to bring a fresh perspective and strategic leadership to the Vice Presidency.

The appointment of Dr. Michael Biswick Usi as Vice President underscores the administration’s commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring continuity in leadership. 

As Vice President, Dr. Usi is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the government’s agenda and addressing key national priorities.

Stay tuned for further updates and reactions as Malawi prepares for this new chapter in its political landscape under the leadership of President Lazarus Chakwera and Vice President Dr Michael Biswick Usi.


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