Archbishop Msusa Tells Government to turn to College of Health Sciences for New Skills

Phalombe's Holy Family College of Health Sciences

Phalombe’s Holy Family College of Health Sciences celebrated the graduation of 73 nurses and midwifery technicians, prompting Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa of the Archdiocese of Blantyre to advocate for their employment within the healthcare sector.

Addressing the ceremony, Archbishop Msusa emphasized the urgent need to deploy these skilled graduates to meet the growing demand for medical personnel across the country.

He urged the government to prioritize the hiring of these qualified professionals in various health facilities, stressing the importance of their contributions to fulfilling service requirements.

Furthermore, Archbishop Msusa encouraged the newly graduated nurses and midwifery technicians to uphold professional standards and demonstrate unwavering commitment to their responsibilities once employed.

He also called on them to consider serving in rural areas, highlighting the significance of catering to the healthcare needs of underserved populations.

Expressing gratitude to the college’s faculty for their dedication to training the graduates, Archbishop Msusa commended the students for choosing Holy Family College of Health Sciences for their education. He acknowledged the institution’s role in preparing them to address critical healthcare challenges.

“Let me thank lecturers for training the nurses and midwifery technicians to this far. You prepared them to offer services where it is needed and let me thank all of you for chosing to get your training at the Holy Family College of Health Sciences,” said Archbishop Msusa. 

Wellington Kazembe, Chairperson of the college’s board, echoed Archbishop Msusa’s sentiments and thanked him for his support in expanding the college’s infrastructure to accommodate more students.

Representing her fellow graduates, Gloria Njobvuyalema expressed appreciation to the lecturers and staff for their guidance and support throughout their academic journey. She urged her peers to remain committed to their duties and encouraged current students to strive for excellence in their studies.

In closing, Njobvuyalema appealed to the government to swiftly integrate qualified nurses and midwifery technicians into healthcare facilities where their services are urgently needed, emphasizing the importance of their roles in improving healthcare delivery nationwide.


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