Timely boost as Flames players get MK750 000 each for Sao Tome win


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) on Thursday paid the Flames their game bonus immediately after their 3-1 win over Sao Tome and Principle in a World Cup qualifier.

This is the first time that players have received their bonus on the same day of the match.

The players are entitled to a K500,000 bonus for a win but FAM added K250,000 on top making it K750,000 which was paid to the players before their departure to Malabo for tomorrow’s encounter against Equatorial Guinea.

FAM Exco Member Daudi Mtanthiko, who is leading the delegation in Equatorial Guinea, said the gesture was aimed at boosting the team’s morale ahead of the Monday match.

“As FAM always want to thank the players whenever they do us proud. Winning that game at home alone was a morale booster to them ahead of the away fixture and we thought of adding more value to it by paying them off just after the match, thanks to the FAM leadership,” said Mtanthiko.

Flames captain John Banda thanked FAM President Fleetwood Haiya for this historic gesture.

“I have been part of the Flames set-up since 2011 and never have we been paid our game bonus on the same day. This historic and very commendable

“It just shows the new leadership has the welfare of the players at heart. FAM has done its part and has shown that it is committed to improving our welfare and it is now our turn to deliver on Monday,” said Banda

The Flames are currently in position 3 with six points in Group H which is currently being led by Tunisia with nine points while Namibia is second with seven points.

Equatorial Guinea has no point after the World Football governing body nullified their first two wins in the campaign for fielding an ineligible player.

The Flames arrived in Malabo on Saturday afternoon and are expected to have their official training this afternoon at the match venue, Estadio Malabo.

 Source: FAM


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