Land Sale Turmoil: Court Slams Social Media Influencer Mbele with K39 Million Repayment Order

Joshua Chisa Mbele

In a recent ruling by the Commercial Division of the High Court in Blantyre, social media influencer Joshua Chisa Mbele has been instructed to reimburse Regina Mbowera, alongside covering legal fees and breaching the sale agreement costs, regarding the sale of a piece of land he purportedly did not own. 

Last year, Mbele purportedly sold Mbowera a plot of land in Salima district for K39 million. However, it was uncovered that the land was not his to sell, prompting Mbowera to seek legal recourse to reclaim her funds. 

Subsequently, Mbele opted not to contest Mbowera’s assertions, leading Justice Masauko Msungama to deliver the verdict. 

According to court documents, Mbele has been mandated to repay the entire sum of K39 million to Mbowera, as stipulated in the Sale Agreement. 

Additionally, Mbele has been directed to cover the costs incurred due to breaching the Sale Agreement, totaling K2,650,000. 

Furthermore, he is obligated to pay compound interest on the K39 million from December 30, 2023, to the date of judgment (May 16, 2024), at the National Bank lending rate. 

Mbele has also been instructed to bear Collection Costs amounting to K5,850,000. 

In response to the ruling, Mbele, popularly known as “Mneneri” among his followers on Facebook, maintained that the land rightfully belongs to the Mteremuka family, whom he represents. 

He asserted that they agreed to refund the money as the transaction was invalidated due to the Department of Lands allegedly placing beacons illegally on their land. 

Mbele emphasized that it is inaccurate to imply that they sold property that did not belong to them, asserting their ownership of the land in question, which is supported by local chiefs who are the custodians of customary land.


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